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  1. On ‎3‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 12:11 PM, edinmass said:

    Price guides are worthless...........


    . I would look at Arizona  auction results this year, as that is where cars supposedly didn't do well.



    Price guides are not entirely "useless."  


    As for auctions--they are more useless than any price guide.  All they show is one guy was willing to pay more for a car than a room full of strangers.  

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  2. 21 hours ago, Crippdaddy said:

    she thinks we can get this 1949 styleine deluxe to where its ready for shows for under 10k and that it should be worth 30-50k when we are done



    Sorry, you have it backwards.  It'll cost you $30,000-$50,000 to restore the car to "Show" quality and the car will be worth a lot less.  


    If you are in the hobby to enjoy the car, then you should save your money and buy the best car you can afford.  And then enjoy your car as you maintain it over the years (they always need something).  If you are in the hobby to buy a car, "restore" it (here is how we use the words restore on this page ---as in restore the car to original showroom condition with correct parts, materials and finish) and then sell it, then you should stop now.  You will never get the money back, especially on the 49 Chevy.  My uncle restored a 1938 Chevy in the 1980s.  He bought all the correct parts, the best he could find.  Made everything just right.  Did a lot of work on his own and farmed out work he couldn't do.  He spent about $30,000 in 1980s money to restore a car he eventually sold for about $13,000 (this was the 80s remember).  














  3. I plan on visiting the Gilmore Museum in Michigan next month.  


    I am really looking forward to going and spending the day.  


    I am of the understanding that they have the Cadillac LaSalle Club Collection there.  


    Do CLC members get a discount on admission?  

  4. My cousin worked the shift after me on Tuesday morning.


    It seems that FoMoCo made a couple more Taurus cars while I was sleeping Tuesday.  So my build sheet is not the last Taurus.  


    Not sure if any were produced today.  

  5. 1 hour ago, John Byrd said:

    Pomeroy, we had a black Taurus MT 5, and I still have never seen another one.  Folks usually look blank when I mention it, but I really liked that car. It was an 86 I think.  Do you know anything about that model ?  That is a great story you have posted, thanks for telling it !  Naturally the only pic I have of it has a smear on the side where the emblem was.  I was trying to make a different looking center grille plate for the car when I took this pic... didn't turn out too well, ha !

    86 taurus.jpg

    Don't know much about it other than it existed.  I remember the "SHO" Taurus was peppy and had more road feel.  

  6. Yesterday, February 26, 2019,  I helped to build the last Ford Taurus Sedan.  It was a black one--fitting for a Ford.  When I came in for my 6pm to 6am shift at the Ford Motor Company Chicago Assembly Plant on February 25th, we were told that the last Ford Taurus had been built.  People apparently were signing a car or the hood of a car to commemorate the event in a lobby area near where the cars rolled off the line.  


    Sure enough, we produced Ford Explorers all night.  Near the end of my shift, low and behold, a Ford Taurus came down the line.  My line built the doors of what I think was the last Ford Taurus between 0430 and 0530 central time on February 26, 2019.  Since I knew that some car was being signed down at the end of the line and sensing a potential last car controversy down the road, I decided that I needed to record the circumstance of the last Ford Taurus to come down the line.  I went over to the end of my production line to record the VIN and the Ford Rotation Number (and noting the time) of the what I thought would absolutely be the  last Ford Taurus.  A line supervisor saw what I was doing and gave me a build sheet from the car.   


    So the last Ford Taurus has been built.  I don't know if another Ford Taurus had been built while I was sleeping off my 11.5 hour midnight shift.  I hope not.  Back in 1986, I worked at a place called Nu-Car Carrier, where we transported the first generation Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable cars from the Chicago Assembly Plant to the nearby Railyard or Truck Transport terminals for transport to Ford dealerships across the country.  So I was there at the beginning of the Ford Taurus run and I was there for the end of the Ford Taurus production run.  No one thinks of the Ford Taurus as a classic car, but the Ford Taurus was in production almost continuously for 34 years, longer than the Model T and the Model A combined.  I am proud to have been there for this part of Ford Motor Company history.  










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  7. Here is my Survivor Car.  1937 Ford De Luxe Fordor.  This car was in storage from the early 1960s until I purchased it in 2012.  


    Here is a photo of what it looked like when I purchased it and what it looked like after I fixed it up and cleaned it up.  





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  8. On ‎2‎/‎19‎/‎2019 at 12:25 PM, Paul Dobbin said:

    I use XXXV on my 1935 Buick.   With Roman numerals no longer taught in schools, not only do they not understand Super Bowls, they ask me if this car is X rated?

    XXX  XXXI, XXXI  XXXIII & XXXIV are still available.  

    The Horseless Carriage tag in FL says Permanent across the bottom.  A club member got a ticket for no expiration sticker and the cop lost in court when the judge defined Permanent to be Permanent.  Apparently they don't teach English or common sense in the Police Academy.



    Yep, love those Roman Numerals.  I had them on my 1973 Cadillac back in the 1980s: LXXIII.  Very few understood.  

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