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  1. I will go under the car tommorow and take a look if its there. The car is a 47 with a 46 body tag. Thanks for the info I didn't even know about that. I will take some pics for you. Do you just need that Vaccume shift assy? and the brackets? do you need the linkage if there is any? I will look an see what i got tommorow. Thanks
  2. The parts on all those years of cars are interchangable fender chrome bumper and other item wise. As for the Vacuume shift It does not have that as it is a 3 Speed on the tree a manual transmission and which brackets are you reffering to?
  3. Location: Blairsville PA Price: Make offer <!-- message -->I am currently turning my 1946 Chevy Aerosedan into a Restomod and I have alot of Parts for sale. Here is the list 216 Inline 6 unsure if it runs oil is clean and rockers look good turns over With Carter 1bbl carb and factory aircleaner Three Speed on the Tree Steering column with all the linkage for the 3 Speed on the tree with steering wheel and origional horn button Full Front suspension to include Upper and lower control arms, steering box, steering linkage, spindles with drums, swaybar, and springs and knee shocks Rear axl
  4. I also have 6 Origional Hubcaps 3 in decent shape and 2 in ok shape one rusty but still saveable.
  5. I have alot of Parts for sale for this Vehicle I am wanting to send them to a good home. I have a 216 Engine for sale dont know if it runs. Previous owner used to drive it on weekends had a wiring fire so I could not attempt to start it. I took valve cover off and pushrod cover and there is no damage scoped the cylinders and no damage is present it spins over nicely and the oil looks good. I also want to sell the 3 Speed on the Tree and the Steering column and comes with all the linkage associated with it along with all the clutch linkage Would also like to Sell the 6 bolt rims that are on t
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