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  1. Thanks I have already the done the first 2 1/2. Will call John.
  2. I purchased the 1927 Stutz Blackhawk Special (OHV Eight) at Bonham’s Tupelo Auction and as a museum piece for 40 some years it needs mechanical refurbishment including engine rebuild. I would appreciate any advice including who to trust with a rebuild, potential problem areas, what pistons to use and what compression ratio to aim for, camshaft profiles, what connecting rods, conversion to shell bearings, valves etc., etc. - the whole gambit!
  3. Dpsmith

    Stutz Overdrive?

    Thanks - I will contact George.
  4. Dpsmith

    Stutz Overdrive?

    I have been thinking of that option as well. Did you have to make an adapter plate or new bell-housing? Is the shifter in roughly the same place as the stock one? Photos would be great!
  5. Dpsmith

    Stutz Overdrive?

    1927 Stutz AA Vertical Eight. Open driveshaft.
  6. Dpsmith

    Stutz Overdrive?

    Does anyone have experience in fitting an overdrive to 1927+ Stutz?
  7. Looking for an exhaust manifold for my 1927 Vertical Eight.
  8. Looking for a pre-1916 project car with large hp engine to create a speedster. Chalmers? Cadillac? Any make considered.
  9. Exactly. I think same one used in 1929 for some models with dual spares upfront.
  10. No it is a one piece one the entire width as the spares are carried on the front fenders. Thanks
  11. I am searching for a one -piece rear bumper for my 1928 Chrysler Sport Roadster. Full bumper without rear mounted spare. Any condition considered.
  12. Seeking a 1928 Chrysler 72 radiator, any condition considered with restorable upper tank.
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