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  1. I think I have only left ones extra----------------being they are hard to get what do you think is fare
  2. mostly 4 cylinder Plymouth,,,,exhaust, brakes, pa lug nuts , axle, shocks, differential for 30 U PA, door for PA--------- what do you need
  3. I think Jay Leno has one of these he did a piece on it several years ago maybe you can find on his sight
  4. thanks for your response------the PA motor does not have a gear on the distributor shaft there is a small shaft with a slot on one side that meshes with the distributor and a gear meshing with cam gear my friend need the small shaft
  5. friend looking for the distributor gear in the timing case that meshes with the cam gear and drives distributor can any one help ?
  6. Friend looking for a distributor gear from a PA/PB motor----in the timing case and meshes with the cam gear can any one help ?
  7. I really want a good and complete visor---my 32 PA never had one and it is hard driving when the sun is low in sky
  8. This is from 50s on PASSYUNK Ave in south Philidelphia-----
  9. Looking for one or two sub visors for my early plymouth---see the one on my 36-----what do you have --bobnroman@yahoo.com
  10. broker-len

    Sun visors

    Looking for one or two sun visors for my early Plymouth grey in color see my 36 Plymouth What do you have ? contact at bobnroman@yahoo.com
  11. Mercedes air filter,,,Plymouth PA spring bolts--------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  12. Contact--bobnroman@yahoo.com
  13. some one from South Africa-----Ghram
  14. I did what every one said not to,,,,,they told me it was unsafe,,, that the tire would be dry rotted and would explode ------I bought a set of tires ---15 to 20 years ago from a place in Hershey PA for my 32 Plymouth----had them stored in dry basement,,,tubes in unheated garage put them on a year ago---did just a little driving at this point no cracks, no separation . and after taking the weights off my wheels and painting them they seem to drive down the road with no shimmy or vibration----with a 6 wheel car just did not want to go for $ 1000 plus-------am I just lucky ?
  15. there have been discussions about the new way E Bay will be handling the payments----many of you probably use this service-----what are your feelings ---will you just give them you bank account and allow them to control everything ?????
  16. it sits in the timing case and meshes with Cam gear their is a slot on top that the distributor rides in I will look in my part boxes but it will not be until it warms up cold here right now
  17. I have some extra Lug nuts from the 4 cylinder Plymouth---can supply 10, left threaded nuts,,,9/16 Looking for $ 10.00 a piece plus shipping-------------have brakes,-drums, axil, door----other stufff----------bobnroman@yahoo.com
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