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  1. thank you for responding and hollow end takes a key unit this is similar to the 4 cylinder plymouth which mounts under dash I am also aware what the posts do ! my question is what car does it fit ??
  2. Please, does any one know what car this fits has one connection for current thanks
  3. https://www.thedrive.com/news/37925/we-found-fords-incredible-turbine-powered-semi-truck-big-red-thats-been-lost-for-decades?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  4. a 32 PB plymouth had it's rear motor mount on the back of freewheeling case don't thing 41 even had freewheeling
  5. broker-len


    was told for 38 to 42 ------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  6. $ 20.00 a pair or offer for ones with lining--------------- think I have just metal part cheaper
  7. I have had a long time would like to move them make me an offer
  8. I was told these are 38 to 42 chrysler, dodge and desoto // new // have several sets-----------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  9. the brakes are for early 30s plymouth fit other mopars all shoes the same
  10. restoration specalties in California has it in plastic bottles goes in easy
  11. broker-len

    PA Spedo

    have an extra PA spedo and an free wheeling knob ----------contact at bobnroman@yahoo.com
  12. have brakes and drums for sale bobnroman@yahoo.com
  13. broker-len


    have mopar stuff that may fit brakes and drums axles bobnroman@yahoo.com
  14. It was mentioned on this forum that with the new E Bay policy they will reporting sales to IRS-----------a lot of us sell stuff that we have purchased some times for a profit---this opens up a new can of worms and makes buying and selling much less profitable
  15. broker-len


    for a 32 PA have a freewheeling dash knob and an gauge cluster with the temp removed,,also a spedo-------------------contact bobnroman@yahoo.com
  16. I am sorry that is not the one this is what I was looking for 32PA Plymouth
  17. I am like most of you-----------------collect parts through the years some I can not ID----would like some one to use them---so I can clear my garage
  18. I make posts sometimes that I am looking for parts for my car----nothing I need just EXTRA stuff that my wife will have to get rid of some day !!!!!! I usually put my personal E mail this guy has contacted me with the kind of chatter that a scammer uses they always have what you are looking for,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but not specific and not pictures just wanted to alert everyone
  19. what has been the response to E Bays new pay system any problems ?
  20. I have the naterial for 50s ford and Merc nos in a marked box also ford water pumps and distributor can send pictures bobnroman@yahoo.com
  21. have loose shoes and four complete back plates for PA plymouth------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  22. Has any one done business with this person ?
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