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  1. 29-34 Chevy 6 cylinder---HAS 14 ON INSIDE ------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  2. GBM 2006F,,,MZ2108--38 dodge- Plymouth,,,GDA2006F--38,39,,-----CONTACT bobnroman@yahoo.com
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    Thanks-------------------guess you're right
  4. Weaklink---------------since the distributor is not bolted down buy is free to turn with the vacuum unit it is a good idea to use a auxiliary ground from it to the block-- must make sure the distributor has a good ground----not sure if the factory put on when car was new
  5. is your car a PB ? I have a 32 PA simular motor to yours I get a kick from those car owners that hunt for a problem by just replacing EVERY THING !!!!! if no spark could be points or the sensitive way the screw goes through the side of distributor could short ,,,easy to just replace condenser they do have a shelf life----or check spark at coil I also clean plugs with a low pressure sand blaster and blow with air gun make sure the manifold is tight against the block -----vacuum leak----do a compression test of the cylinders what carb do you have ? was a BB1 from factory easy to take apart and clean make sure your fuel pump bowl and filter is clean I took my tank down, cleaned and coated starting fluid is not the best thing to use removes oil from cylinders if you must,, get the one with lub in the formula ---- it is a lot harder to do it right you can contact me bobnroman@yahoo.com
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    I have finished my restoration ---I HOPE---of my 31 Plymouth motor that has been rebuilt I am running 10w30 Pennsoil---I find it holds an more even oil pressure at the gauge that straight 30 ---I have read the posts about adding zink to motor oil and understand the reasons --------- the opinions are all over the place---- so I guess I just would like an update from every one , could I add to much zink !!!!--I have used ZDDP in the little bottles, should I go with an oil that already has it ,,,,,I do not drive my car hard --------Please let me know what your think----thanks
  7. I really appreciate your digging that look like it---------------THANKS
  8. thank you for responding and hollow end takes a key unit this is similar to the 4 cylinder plymouth which mounts under dash I am also aware what the posts do ! my question is what car does it fit ??
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