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  1. looking for a good front crank pulley ------------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  2. is there anyone interested in a PB motor ? on east cost south jersey
  3. a friend has a PB motor he want to sell it is in delaware and I an 45 minutes away in south jersey have not seen it trying to get info on it's completeness is there any one interested ?--------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  4. Looking for the front crank pulley -----bobnroman@yahoo.com
  5. I found a member with a cross reference book----I had them pictured on this forum before and no one responded ----the member that does have the info could not be bothered to help !!!!! don't think the pictures will give the info I need--------------------got to come from the literature but thanks for the thought
  6. have two front Pulleys from a 4 cylinder plymouth ,May be used of other mopars,,, both have an issue but may be usable--contact at bobnroman@yahoo.com
  7. I have several low speed jet tubes for the brass bowl, updraft carbs have no way to look up the numbers to find applications,,,,does anyone have a old carter book from 30s ??? I would appreciate up contact at bobnroman@yahoo.com
  8. if he could not do it correctly better that he be honest don't you agree ?
  9. --HUNLEY ACUFF----I had boards done on a 36 Plymouth in the 80s and they were better that new----I had heard that he was retiring and no one was taking over ---I just googled the name and got a hit-----don't know who is doing the work but they used to be the best in town
  10. got an offer for a raffle on this forum I deleted it----- how do I get it back ?
  11. would there be any problem with paint over chrome ?
  12. I have a Auto tec book published 1924-----discusses different systems on the Automobile of that era----Chapter on fuel mentions that some farmers start tractors with Gas and then switch to kero---older friend of mine remembers Fordson with two fuel tanks---though the book does not address adding kero to gas, it makes the point that Kero is not a good fuel and causes other problems in combustion chamber
  13. it was in 30s,,,I think the reasoning for today is with the alcohol in the gas it more prone to evaporate also it was stated runs cooler and produces more power and gas millage
  14. talking to some one about the posiblity of running 30s cars with a little Kero in the fuel,,more power and gas millage ---friend who is in his 80s and a professional mechanic remembers fordson tractors with two fuel tanks-----starting on gas and switching to kero which was cheaper----would like to share some thoughts
  15. More on Rustys post----spoke to a friend last night he is in his 80s and was a professional mechanic he told me he remembers fordson tractors that had two fuel tanks----started on Gas and could be switched to kero which was much cheaper in 1930s
  16. you can not chrome directly over steel need a coat of copper or brass so when the early car makers wanted to use chrome they would use brass, if it was painted would use steel I have chrome head lights on my Plymouth,,,the plater I think used a coating of brass or copper on top of the steel then the chrome
  17. the reason I started this is not because I can't afford the gas but, as mentioned by someone,,it is an indication that after all the years and pain and asking and learning that my car is running as good as it can to much gas consumption could be signs of a problem that could lead to other problems------- thanks
  18. I have two sets of antique plates 30 years old one time fee $ 25 and I was never told I needed inspections I am in the---------GARDEN STATE------------
  19. Grimy----what gas millage do you get on your cars ?
  20. thank you all for the response it helps me put things in perspective my daily driver is a 4 cylinder rav 4 so I realize the PA will burn more probably heavier and I guess third gear and rear are lower the BB1 has been taken apart and cleaned,, my tank was cleaned and coated---because my BB1 has the fast idle adjustment I warm up motor,,pull throttle and lean it out until it coughs and increase a bit if gas prices keep raising it make pleasure driving harder
  21. 32 PA Plymouth 4 cylinder with a carter BB1 which has a adjustment on the main jet ,, motor is rebuilt and I think timed correctly runs great ,,,, just using allot of gas,,,, what should I be getting
  22. I have never used Dot 5----my two old cars are dot 3----what do I need to do to change over----is it just draining the old and putting in the new or do all and cylinders need to come apart and be cleaned and how about the lines thanks in advance
  23. you mention a PISTON FIN not sure what that is I have some NAPA anti seize lube I painted the piston with the stuff and reassembled what I am getting from the post is that aluminum can deteriorate the ones in my car are some what pitted so we will see in a few years thanks for your advise
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