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  1. some one gave me a few older issues    great publication   has a story about recycled oil----not may cons and several pros-- is it still out there-----any one have a opinion   ????   any one have issues they want to unload

  2. I thought about it but the fact that it seems to go away when I hit the clutch   drive shaft would still be turning   seems to rule it out

  3. I could hit 50 but it just is not comfortable for me or the car  the vibration is slight which make a low rumble   my motor mounts are new    never got the wheel wobble ,,,,just had them off and repainted did not balance them but the king pins are tight and new tie rods---but there is no where that the block or trans is bolted directly to frame------------strange

  4. thanks for responding    I am running the original PA crank with no modifications  just would like to know if this is normal for my motor   though I do have a PB crank it is part of our dining room decor    have no plans to change the crank shaft in the motor


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  5. 1932 PA  all original restored    any faster  then 40 get a vibration  hit clutch goes away    thought it may be fan blade   trued it up as well as I can with motor in car    not much better   -----could it be the crank that they added counter weights for the PB model---------ANY IDEAS ?

    Plymouth C.JPG

  6. I have a PA and the technology for sealing air which would leak in the door seams was the WINDLESS which was some sort of rubber covered by cloth and tacked under the inside door panels     do not think they used anything else

  7. looking for a compleat Manifold and front crank pulley for     32 PA  Plymouth------------------------bobnroman@yahoo.com

  8. A friend of mine is looking at a 49 Bel air  4 door 6 cylinder      I am more a Mopar man-----what would the value range be---------thank you for your help ---  broker nick

  9. I was mowing the lawn with a gas mower     shut it down for just a few seconds   as I prepared to put the cord I noticed there was already a charge of fuel in cylinder ------a little stiffer   pulled it anyway and it backfired before ---TDC---pulled a mussel in my arm       now I will use the electric mower for a while

  10. am selling a free wheeling knob    almost perfect and a cam gear      does  have some cracks but gear came from a running motor---------------contact    --bobnroman@yahoo.com

    cam geat.jpg

    free 1.jpg

    free 2.jpg

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