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  1. contact bobnroman@yahoo.com
  2. see picture listed as 3 32 PA Plymouth
  3. see Plymouth PA coil second from left list as 3 part number 1835839
  4. 1932 Plymouth PA part number 1835839
  5. anyone have a early mopar coil can send picture bobnroman@yahoo.com
  6. looking for mopar coil can send picture bobnroman@yahoo.com
  7. looking for early mopar coil can send picture bobnroman@yahoo.com
  8. trying to find out just what my password is it self generates but seems to be having trouble making posts since they updated it---can any one help ? bobnroman@yahoo.com
  9. Contact Warren oil 910 892 3342 or 910 892 6456 I use their product 140 all year round
  10. have a 4 cylinder PA 180 thermostat if out side air is 85 or above seems to keep motor cool until stop,,,,traffic light !!!!!! temp seems to go up rather fast and cools down only after a steady clip if idle too long could go to 195 degrees maybe rad is clogged !!!!! looking for other experience with these cars
  11. the heading for this Post is------------FORD MODEL A--------am I messing something
  12. nice pictures-----please what are you looking for ?????
  13. not every one knows what a PB drip rail looks like I have a PA but think it is different it would help of some one posts a picture of the old one or what it is supposed to look like
  14. friend doing a PB still have the tubes ?? bobnroman@yahoo.com
  15. check this U tub piece---------------
  16. some one gave me a few older issues great publication has a story about recycled oil----not may cons and several pros-- is it still out there-----any one have a opinion ???? any one have issues they want to unload
  17. Rear lights or parts, trunk support, chrome strips for front hood ,,Rad shell supports head lights or stainless steel rings
  18. Rear lights, trunk hold up, chrome hood mouldings. rad shell supports,, head lights of stainless steel rings------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  19. universal tire in Hershey PA got two sets of tires from then
  20. Parked at a GOOD WILL store glad I don't have to wax it
  21. see flip side of rack that all I have you name the price I can try to fold it and find some kind of a box contact at bobnroman@yahoo.com
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