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  1. I would give Jim Hughes a call and ask him. He might even be able to sell you a new pin and/or assembly. So was the broken pin the source of the binding you felt?
  2. Larry, If all goes well me and the missus will be there with our '52. From what I understand the Buick Party/Display is at the Durant/Dort Carriage Building on Water Street. Set up starts at 6 AM and the show lasts til' 5 PM. I also talked to Jacob Gilbert from the Sloan Gallery. He said he'd be there with the Buick Bug and 6 other Buicks from the Gallery. Should be a great time.
  3. <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/hkl4yqPG92w" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe> ouch....
  4. Story goes that this old Buick was hit by an RPG in Beirut in the 70's.
  5. Don't know if any of you fellers' are into facebook but if you are, check out and join the group at the link below. It's called the Buick Fireball Eights. Celebrating and preserving the Fireball straight eight engines and the cars they came in. Feel free to join up and post some pictures and videos. https://www.facebook.com/groups/285171971633939/?fref=nf
  6. All I can think to say is THANK YOU to everyone. Mrs. Shadetree and I are honored to have received the award. It looks like a great time was had by all. Just sorry we could not be there. Just as well, Mrs. Shadetree would most likely have broken that mug over my head after catching me staring at the uhhh, restaurant decor. Anyway, I'm looking forward to tipping back a few out of that beeeeautiful mug. I'll be sure to raise a toast to all of my forum buddies when I do. And Mike, if I accidentally ended up with your mug at least I'll have something to put my coffee in the next morning when I'm fighting the hangover! :cool: Thanks again guys and hopefully we'll see you all in Springfield next year.
  7. Completely forgot about this thread. DJ, did the seller ever tell you what that angle iron was under there?
  8. Gary, No problem. Glad I can be of help to you. If not for the guys on this forum I would never have gotten to the point I'm at now. The thread on my car is my way of giving back to the forum. I've used the citrus stuff on small parts. Seems to work quite well. A lot of guys swear by it. Personally, I used Marine Clean from the POR15 company. I looked it up just now and they seem to have changed the name to "POR15 Cleaner Degreaser" but it's still the same stuff. It worked WONDERS on my engine bay and chassis. You spray that stuff on there and leave it for a while making sure to keep the surface wet by giving it another little spritz occasionally. It eats the gunk and then you can scrub/rinse it off. It's water based so you can dilute it too. Just follow the directions to the letter and it works great.
  9. Lol, Pete I was wondering the same. I've had several people ask me where to get one and I've always told them they are hard, if not impossible, to find. It would be nice to know where they are so I could have an answer for the next time someone asks.
  10. I completely understand. It is a cool item to have. As for the article, it hasn't been published yet but I've already submitted it. Not sure when it will get published but if you want to snap some pictures of the install feel free. If it hasn't been sent to the publisher when you take the pics I can ask Pete if he needs them. Just let me know. If you run across another one shoot me a pm. I'd really like to have one. As for reproducing them, I had thoughts along those lines too. Well, not mass producing but making one for myself at the least. You guys are correct in that it is a simple curved piece of metal with a light socket on it. The light socket is, I believe, held on by a metal tab that has been bent up around the socket. Maybe even a spot or two of solder. The problem area would be the long oval shaped indentation behind the bulb. I read on the original patent for it that the indentation reflects the light in the right direction. Personally, I have no means to stamp such an indentation into a flat piece of metal. It is also chromed on the back side which would add cost. But if you guys figure this out I'll be the first in line to purchase one.
  11. I posted a few weeks back asking for info. about the Dynalite. I did a LOT of research on this little item and even wrote a Bugle article about it (coming soon). A fellow had one for sale in the Bugle a few months ago. I tried to buy it but he had already sold it. His sold for around $40 I think. Cool little item. I'd love to have one for my '52. I drive at night quite a bit and it would sure come in handy. If you're interested in selling PM me and we can talk.
  12. I think what John meant to say is anything from A (Absolut) to Z (Zinfandel).:cool:
  13. I believe this issue has been raised here before. From what we've gathered here on the forum the fender top lights were a design idea early on. They were even drawn on early '51 sales literature. But the idea never got made a reality. There were never any fender lights on 1951 cars and they were then removed from all 1951 ads and literature. You can find multiple examples of the same drawings with and without the lights as in the two below. Too bad. I think they look really good. I suppose if you were going the custom route you could get some from a '49 and try to graft them on. I think it would make an interesting conversation piece. If anyone ever gave you crap for them being on there you could hand them a piece of early '51 literature and say, "Look, there they are right there!":D:cool:
  14. Not mine. Craigslist find. I think it's a Special Riviera 2 Dr. Hardtop. Pretty sure it doesn't have a "power glide" trans. :rolleyes:More pictures on the craigslist ad here: http://lexington.craigslist.org/cto/4559192026.html
  15. Thuff, I included a picture of the service manual diagram showing the 3 positions of the valve. Based on this I'm going to say that arm in your picture should be pulled AWAY from the engine to put it into the "OPEN Heat OFF" position which is where you want it. I've gotta' say though, you are pretty lucky that your valve is not stuck tight! I've been into these straight eights for over two years now and you're the first I've met that didn't have a frozen valve. Most just bend the valve into that position (like me). Make sure you lube that shaft every oil change by squirting some graphite lube in there and working it back and forth. Also wanted to add that you could put the spring back on there if you want. You can buy them here:http://bobsautomobilia.com/shop/manifold-parts/manifold-damper-spring-.-ms-333.html. If your thermostatic spring is still on the other side of the valve body and you put that damper spring back on there, your valve should operate as originally intended if lubed. You can't buy the little bracket that they attach to but you can do like I did and make one out of an old L-bracket. My valve doesn't work but I wanted it to look original so I put those things on there. Mine were missing too. Good luck and hope this helps!
  16. I looked over everything I could find on the emergency brake light in my 1952 service manual. I've included the service manual section on it (in two photos) and the shot I snagged off of EBAY of original installation instructions. You can click on the photos to open them, then click them again when they open, right click on them, and save photo. Then you can open them up on your computer and zoom in so you can see better. I looked at all the wiring diagrams and did not see this light on them. Maybe because it was an option? Anyway, I thought that headlight switch/ignition switch relationship was weird too. If you study the wiring diagrams, it looks like the ignition switch gets its power FROM the headlight switch. Strange huh? As a matter of fact, it looks like the headlight switch is pretty much a big power distribution block. Weird that they would run main power to the headlight switch. I went through all of this back when I was trying to get everything wired up safely. Good luck with your light and hope this helps.
  17. Congrats on the EBAY find Dave. Those things are hard to get ahold of. I looked for one for almost two years before I snagged one. I paid a bit more than you did though. You got lucky there my friend. Now I just hope the seller packages it well. I've heard some horror stories about that. Let us know when it arrives.
  18. Man, seeing those pictures from last year really makes wish I could go this year. The wife and I had a great time in South Bend! We won't be able to make it to Portland this year. Incredibly bummed but nothing can be done about it. I am, however, trying to arrange a ride up there for my "traveling can of Spam" that I got from Ben last year. He wanted it to travel around to all of the meets and become a yearly forum breakfast tradition so I think it's going to hitch a ride on a plane with Larry Schramm. Love to see the face of the airport security when they x-ray Larry's bag and see a radioactive green glow coming from that mystery meat. Lol. I don't expect a gift in return by the way. I just want to see Ben's tradition continue. Have fun guys and gals.
  19. Click the following link to go to the pictures we took at the Sloan Museum Auto Fair this past weekend on the AACA General Forum. LOTS of Buicks in there. Enjoy! http://forums.aaca.org/f169/sloan-museum-auto-fair-pictures-375063.html
  20. My wife and I attended the annual Sloan Museum Auto Fair this past weekend in Flint, MI. It was our first time at the show and we had a great time. We were only able to attend on Sunday and I believe the 40% chance of rain scared a lot of attendees away. I was told that the Saturday crowd was twice the size. Oh well, we still had a great time. Here are a few pictures of my favorites. Perhaps a little Buick heavy but then, I am kind of biased. Enjoy!
  21. Whoa!! How did I miss that?? Giant red flag on that one. That is definitely not supposed to be there. Good catch Stuart. Hope that's not the current owner's version of a "new" transmission mount!
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