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  1. I think I'm related to that feller'. Lol. My Dad almost named me Rocky. I have an Uncle named Dusty. Beautiful pictures Bernie. This bit of random information has been brought to you by: Robert Trail
  2. Larry, next time you get the itch to go for a drive gimme' a call. I'd be glad to provide you with an excuse to go for another ride.
  3. As some of you may know I've been putting in several 8 hour days a week of volunteer work at the Sloan Buick Gallery in Flint this month. I've been working with Jacob Gilbert, who handles all of the restoration and automotive related items. I have been having a BLAST working with Jacob on the current project there, a '53 Skylark. I feel truly privileged to have been a part of the Skylark restoration as well as to have been able to see things behind the scenes. I've gotten to see a lot of things most people never get to see. Today, I had the distinct honor of being able to work on the 1956 Buick Centurion concept car. This car is simply amazing and pictures DO NOT do it justice. The car just came back from a stay in Atlanta and we are doing some maintenance/preservation work on it. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am to Jacob and to the Buick Gallery to be able to have an experience like this. To be able to touch a piece of history like the Centurion and to now be part of its story. So as the tag line says, "So you think you've seen the '56 Centurion?". I bet you haven't seen it like this. (pictures have names explaining what they are showing)
  4. I went through the exact same scenario with my '52. Rockauto sent the wrong size and I sent them back. Good to see they took my suggestion and changed their database......:mad:. If you installed them make sure you clean them up good before you ship them back. Rockauto has a policy where if you have already installed the part (and gotten it dirty or scarred up) they will not take it back. I cleaned mine up really good. They went back reeking of brake cleaner but they took them back.
  5. Dale, they'd be laughing.....I'd be crying. Especially if it was mine.
  6. Oh.....the humanity! :eek: I just threw up in my mouth a little bit....
  7. Jon, I have not installed belts in my car. There are front belts on it but I wouldn't use those for a reference. I found a receipt in the glove box when I bought the car where the owner's had the belts installed in 1964. They don't look very safe to me. Go with what the other fellows have suggested.
  8. Same here. Cutlasguy it's working for you because you are logged in and it's taking you to your "recent activity" page. That won't work for the rest of us. To get it to work for the rest of us you need to log out of photobucket, find your page of photos while you're NOT logged in, and then post a link to it. Or there might be a way to get a direct link by "sharing", like on Youtube.
  9. Something that I have noticed at quite a few of the shows I've attended here in Michigan is that they give short rides in some of the cars. That is REALLY fun for me. From what I can tell they just get some of the owners to volunteer to give spectators short rides. There are always HUGE lines for the rides so people must love it as much as I do. It really adds another dimension of fun to the car shows.
  10. Can't wait for the Centurion to get back up here to the Buick Gallery. I haven't seen it yet. It went down to Georgia when I came up here. Lol. I've been working at the Buick Gallery lately. Maybe I'll get to drive it off the truck. Did it ever actually run? Seems I read somewhere that it did not. Anyway, probably won't get to get behind the wheel but I might get to help offload it and push it inside.
  11. Thanks guys! Very interesting. I'll let the museum know what they have there. Can't help but wonder what that heater was doing hooked up to a GM display piece???
  12. Dale, we were only there on Sunday. I didn't go up on Friday because of the rain, Saturday I went to the Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village. We got to Frankenmuth at 9:30 on Sunday and left around 2:30. Photographic evidence below. Sorry we missed you my friend.
  13. Finally got myself a Dynalite! Thanks to Ben (aka beerczar1976). He so kindly contacted me when he came across an EBAY auction listing for a 1950 Dynaflow shift quadrant. There was absolutely no mention of there being a Dynalite in the auction. I guess the seller just thought the Dynalite was a stock part of the quadrant. Many thanks to Ben for having a sharp eye and letting me know. I'll take more photos when I get a chance to install it.
  14. So I recently started volunteering at the Buick Gallery in Flint, MI. Having a great time working on a '53 Skylark with Jacob Gilbert, the head of restoration at the gallery. One of the best parts about working there is seeing all of the stuff behind the scenes that is not on display. I spent a good bit of time looking over a 263 straight eight display piece that was donated to the museum by GM. Tried to get them to let me take it home and put it in my living room but no luck on that front so far. I noticed a very strange looking device attached to the carburetor. I asked about it and was told that it might be some kind of experimental device but they're not sure. They've never noticed it being there. It attaches to one of the bolts on the carb and there is a hole drilled in the carb that one copper line goes into. The other line is cut with no evidence as to where it went. Anyone know what this is?
  15. In business since 1953 Scott Speedometer Service Corp. 196-198 W. Walton Blvd. Pontiac, MI 48340 Tel: 248-338-4148 speedoshop@sbcglobal.net http://scottspeedometer.com/
  16. Be careful tightening those! On my '52 there is a SPECIFIC process for tightening all of the manifold fasteners. It involves taking the entire assembly apart and tightening everything in a sequence. It says if you don't do it that way you could crack the manifolds. I think it specifically mentions that you should not just go in there and tighten certain fasteners. You might want to bite the bullet and take the whole thing apart so you can replace all the gaskets. I went with new studs, nuts, and pilot rings too. I sealed the valve body with fireplace cement. It's all on my thread somewhere. I was never so nervous as I was while I was taking those manifolds off. I was just waiting for something to break! As my Dad always says, "I was so nervous you couldn't have gotten a pin up my a-- with a jackhammer.":eek:It all worked out fine though. I soaked everything in a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone for several days before the job. I used heat on the studs too. Nothing broke! Keep us updated and good luck.
  17. Condition on the two was pretty close. I think it might have to do with the past owners. The '49 Roadmaster was said to have been owned by cartoonist Al Capp. The Super was owned by Milton Berle. Celebrity ownership=more cash.
  18. That's good then. Sounds like somebody already did the hard work for you. Definitely stay away from the NOS hoses. I bought one of the original style one piece hoses from Bob's. It was NOS and when I got it, it was dry and cracked. I wasn't able to use it but it did provide a good pattern for me as mine was missing the original when I bought the car. Good luck and keep us updated.
  19. Congrats on getting your Dynaflow fluid refreshed. Just wanted to add that the fuel hose listed there is actually a little different than the stock one. The stock one was actually made onto the metal line that goes over to the fuel pump. They were one piece. To use that replacement, you have to cut the old hose off the metal line, put an appropriate fitting on there that will screw into that replacement hose, and flare the end. This is IF your car had the original hose that was made onto the metal line. If not someone may have already performed this operation and you might be good to go.
  20. Cruised down to Woodward Ave. tonight just to say I was there. Technically the Dream Cruise doesn't start til' tomorrow but really it started tonight. Took a small video clip. Didn't want to get a ticket for holding my phone up while driving. The cops were CRACKING DOWN out there! I didn't get very far towards Detroit, the south bound lanes were bumper to bumper stop and go. I went a few miles down Woodward and turned around. Got to save some gas for Back to the Bricks tomorrow! <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/WsvXsQMINmA" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
  21. First, let me apologize as this is not Buick related in the least. Just sharing a personal triumph with friends. Some of you might know about my '53 Kaiser Manhattan (nicknamed Linus) I bought last year. I've never tried to start it. I decided to try it recently and finally got it to cough to life. Having a little trouble with it but anyway, you can go to the link below to read about it and watch the videos. http://forums.aaca.org/showthread.php?t=377655&p=1330498#post1330498
  22. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I've posted this problem over on the Kaiser Club forum too and gotten the same advice. One fellow over there also suggested that I try a 12V power source to see if it would keep the starter engaged longer. I got some jumper cables and hooked up a good 12V battery out of one of my other cars to the starter on the Kaiser.....but the starter barely moved.....? I tried all kinds of arrangements and grounds to try to get the starter moving on the 12V battery. Nothing. It barely moved at first and then it just stopped moving altogether. Oh crap. I thought I might have fried my Kaiser's starter. I unhooked the 12V and put it on the charger but the charger said "Charge Complete" so that battery is fine. Don't know what the deal was there (jumper cables too small?) but I decided to hook the 6V back up and make sure the starter would still spin. Mind you, I was not trying to start the car at this point. Merely checking the starting system. I jumped in the car and hit the switch and the engine sputtered and backfired through the carburetor!! WHOA!! I got out, poured a little gas down the carb., and tried it again. IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!! IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!! It ran until the small gas supply I had rigged up ran out. It actually sounded really good too. This is the first time that this Kaiser has run since 1974. Video posted below. I was able to start it again later that night with my wife helping and got the second video posted below. It took about a minute to get the engine started. You can hear what the starter is doing in the videos. Sometimes it disengages and spins and sometimes it just emits a click/clunk sound (which I'm told is probably the solenoid). You can hear all of this on the videos. That's what it has been doing the entire time. It's still doing that but I guess I finally got lucky and the engine caught. No, I have not performed a compression test. I don't think I would be able to because the starter will not spin the engine long enough or consistently enough to get the readings. I'm going to clean out the oil pan, change oil and filter again, get a new solenoid, new battery cables, and new ignition parts. Then, I'll try to get it started again and try the Marvel Mystery and/or ATF fix. If the starter is still kicking out after this I'll pull it and put a new bendix in there. <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/PqZgg4uvqe0" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe> <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HE12AsKrtww" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
  23. Ok guys, need some help here. I've had my '53 Manhattan for a few months now but I've never tried to get it running. From what I understand it hasn't run since the 70's. This isn't the first time I've tried to get an old dormant engine started so I know the general procedure but I'm still having an issue with this one. I'll try to explain. I bought a new 6 volt battery. I have it hooked up correctly. I know it is positive ground and that the + coil wire goes to the distributor. The engine will turn over and it has even begun to catch a few times but my main issue seems to be with the starter. When I am cranking the engine, the starter will begin to turn the engine and then it disengages from the flywheel and just spins. No grinding noises or anything. It just seems to randomly disengage while it's spinning. So the starter will not spin the engine long enough for it to come to life. I thought maybe my battery was too weak so I had it tested. They said it tested good. I also thought maybe it might have something to do with a defective neutral safety switch or solenoid so I jumpered the battery directly to the starter for a few tries and it's still doing the same thing. Any suggestions for me guys?
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