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  1. Very sad day. I have always enjoyed Mr. Nimoy's work. Especially on Star Trek. I also have vivid memories of listening to his taped voice as he narrated projector filmstrips about the universe and other scientific topics while at school. I found this Buick related article just now. I have seen the pictures before but never heard the story. Make sure you scroll down the article and watch the Youtube video. Very funny! Rest in peace my friend. http://jalopnik.com/kirk-once-stole-spocks-buick-riviera-1688491655
  2. Eric, Man!! You are killing me here!! These pictures are giving me a serious ITCH that I can't scratch for at least 3 more months!! Lol. Glad to see you out and about in your car though. Too bad we don't live close to each other. Yours would fit right in with ours (see below). Is your front pump seal leaking? Been there, done that. Have fun my friend!! I'll just keep thinking warm thoughts....
  3. Dave, You might be right. It was labeled as a Buick when I found it so I just went with it. I'm definitely not a pre-war expert by any means. If you're reasonably sure it's not a Buick let me know and I'll take it down. Larry, We cleared ours today too. Wooo!!! Quite an undertaking. Let's just say you were 100% right about the "adequacy" of my electric snow blower!! Lol. It did OK. Better than shoveling the whole thing but I think I'll stick it on Craigslist in the Fall and start looking for something with a little more power. Probably nothing close to what you've got but something a little more suited to Michigan winters. That electric would be OK for somewhere like Kentucky or southern Indiana, NOT here!
  4. Glad to see this thread back up. Well....sorta. Depends on how you look at it. Summer can't come soon enough! Figured I'd post a few net finds here. Seems an appropriate day seeing as there's been almost a foot of snow dumped on the ground today and more to come overnight. My Buick is safely tucked away in the dry garage covered in blankets. :cool:
  5. I'll be there again with my '52 if everything works out. I was wondering if you have made up a flyer for the event? I would like to be able to hand out flyers to all of the Buicks I see at shows when the season starts. I think that would bring in a lot more cars.
  6. Another AMAZING day volunteering at the Buick Gallery! Today, I crawled down into the belly of a Buick Hellcat tank from WWII and worked on the batteries. I also took a little break while I was in there and played with the controls. What boy hasn't dreamed of playing with a tank?? Little snug in there for a "boy" my size! I can't believe that there was a 3 man crew inside that turret during the war. Two drivers up front as well. They must have recruited short, skinny guys for the tank crew. Lol. Just sitting in that seat, touching those controls, looking out that scope, and being surrounded by all that heavy, man-made steel was awe inspiring. I can't even imagine the courage it took for those soldiers to roll out on the battle field in that beast. I have much, much respect for those guys! <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/qh2gIXPet0E" allowfullscreen="" width="560" frameborder="0" height="315"></iframe> <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/M0O6g3msLzc" allowfullscreen="" width="560" frameborder="0" height="315"></iframe>
  7. Oh nothin' much. Just helped get the 1954 Buick Wildcat II RUNNING!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! My adrenaline is still pumping. Or maybe that was the exhaust fumes.......either way.....freakin' awesome! <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/lrEqywbzS-Y" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
  8. Lol, yep. Just a little fun amongst friends. Actually, there's a sign right below that Limited explaining that it would take a LOT more money to restore it than it's worth. Points out that you could buy one restored for much cheaper than it would cost to restore that one. We are doing fine. Trying to stay warm. You're welcome on the sign. Also removed a fog light on the bumper and don't forget the wheels too!!
  9. POS huh? That "POS" runs like a top and has provided me with MANY miles of smooth riding enjoyment, I'll have you know Mr. Smith. Say, when did you loan your POS to the Buick Gallery? P.S. Don't mess with a Microsoft Paint master. P.S.S. To show you what a nice guy I am despite of your comment, here's your sign.
  10. Wanted to throw in another name for consideration. Mr. Joe Taubitz AKA "The Old Guy". For those of you that know Joe, you know that he's a dyed in the wool Buick Man in every sense! His list of experiences, achievements, and doings are the stuff of legend within the BCA. For those of you who don't know this man, here's a link to a thread containing but a small measure: http://forums.aaca.org/f115/who-joe-386064.html. Wow! Some great names thrown out there this year. Gonna' have our work out cut out for us picking a winner.
  11. Yep, that Joe's a helluva guy! I count myself among the number of lucky people that have made Joe's acquaintance. I've been reading his straight to the point, no B.S., and often times funny as hell, posts here on the forum for years. I finally got to meet the man himself at his beautiful home this past summer. Looking forward to running into him again this year. Matter of fact, I think I might just go on over to the Buick Man thread and throw in another nomination. Joe is a Buick Man in every sense! Here are a few photos of Joe's rides I took this summer (hope he doesn't mind :cool:).
  12. Oops. Sorry if that's been posted here before. Must have missed it. Actually John, not really. I got here in February of last year and since I wasn't going to school at the time, didn't have much occasion to go anywhere. My wife usually picked up what we needed on her trips to and from work. Couple of months later winter was over. I might have driven 2-3 times in those couple of months. Not much practice. This year I'm getting much more with classes at Baker and volunteer work at the Buick Gallery.
  13. So being relatively new to driving in snow and ice I was looking around the internet for some tips. I know the general routine but I was specifically looking for how to control a skid on ice. I must have watched two dozen videos before I came across this one. And wouldn't you know it, although it was made in 1957 (and doesn't even contain a single Buick ) it was the most helpful one I found! Thought I'd share. Wish they still taught winter driving in school! http://<iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HPXhvbS0HL0" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe>
  14. A Nightmare On Buick Street Part 2: The Nightmare Continues
  15. Awesome!! Thanks for the wealth of knowledge. You guys never fail to provide me with everything I'm looking for. This will help immensely. If any of you were wondering where I got my hands on a '53 Skylark, it's not mine unfortunately. Belongs to the Buick Gallery in Flint. I'm volunteering there and helping in the restoration process. I'm currently assigned to chassis duty. Duties include finishing up the chassis build and correcting mistakes that have been made pertaining to factory originality. As I did with my straight eight, I'm trying my best to get it as close to factory original as possible. I know Mike said that he believes the oil filler cap probably had a sticker in '53. Can anyone else second that? Also, just to make sure, when they talk about something being cad color do they mean silver cad or gold cad?
  16. Working on a '53 Roadmaster Skylark and have some engine paint questions. I think it would be easier to make a list below. Basically, I need to know what color the factory painted (or did NOT paint) each part. fan bolts fan/power steering pulleys and balancer trans and oil dipsticks oil filler cap (was there a sticker on it too?) power steering pump to engine brackets
  17. The vendor you mentioned is the one I'm thinking of Mark. I know the BCA doesn't have a store on the site. What I was thinking is that there should be a merchandise tab containing a link on the BCA site to go to that vendor's site and order from there. Should be put right up top with the other main tabs so that people can find it easily. Seems like we would sell more merch that way. I don't even remember the name or website of that vendor myself. I was thinking of buying some shirts for gifts. I went to the BCA site looking for the link and there's not one. Lamar, You're right about that. There did used to be a link. But I don't think the Sloan serves as the "official buick club store" anymore. They do still have a store with a handful of Buick items but no club specific items. Maybe once upon a time they were the official store and then got replaced with this new vendor mentioned above? Anyway, maybe someone can find out how to get to the new official club store website and then kick this idea up to Peter?
  18. I was looking around on the new buickclub.org site and noticed that there aren't any links to buy merchandise (shirts, stickers, etc.). We do still have a vendor for these items right? If we do, it needs to be added to the club site unless I overlooked it in which case, never mind.
  19. Well it looks like there was at least one prototype '51 with the fender lights. Found this picture. First time I've ever seen the lights on a real car.
  20. Or in my case it says "too broke to do anything about it right now". I get what you guys are saying about having a Buick engine. If I were to build a hot rod (in 99% of scenarios) I would keep the engine true to the make of the car. That being said though, I still like this one. Would I do that to a '48 convertible.....HELL no. But since someone else chose to, I can admire the nice work that they did and I can say with certainty that I would drive the CRAP out of it if they gave it to me.:cool:
  21. :cool: https://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/rust--power-and-art--driving-the-700-hp-icon-48-derelict-040517358.html
  22. Old Car City in White, Georgia. Massive yard where 98% of the cars are destined to return to the earth. Went there twice and came out pissed off both times. Point is, you can go there to look but don't plan on buying anything.
  23. Here's my rusty but trusty 1952 Buick Special Deluxe. I bought it to get it back on the road and experience just what it was like to drive back then. As is the case, I am restoring it a little bit at a time and keeping it as close to original as possible. I have had an absolute blast working on it and driving it every chance I get. Here's a link to my thread here on the forum if you want to know more about it: http://forums.aaca.org/f163/1952-special-deluxe-project-315000.html. The pictures are named and tell you where they were taken. Just a few notes, picture 6 was taken in front of the Maggards Cash Store in Eolia, KY. Apart from my growing up in this area for a time and my mom's side of the family having the last name Maggard and living in this area, this is the old country store that Tommy Lee Jones and Sissy Spacek stopped at in the movie Coal Miner's Daughter. Also, picture 5 was taken in front of the Durant-Dort office building in Flint, MI. It was in this building that Billy Durant made pivotal decisions in the development and financing of the Buick Motor Company, the beginning of Chevrolet, and the founding of General Motors.
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