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  1. I'm selling these on EBAY. Go here to see the listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/131526548829?item=131526548829&viewitem=&vxp=mtr
  2. Cool! Thanks for the info. Wonder what year ol' George slapped this together? He coulda' spent a little more time making sure the chrome strips were straight. Lol.
  3. Testing something with the photo uploading process. This seemed like a good place to test. Please ignore this post guys. Thanks.
  4. Wow! That's really cool Dave! Have you contacted the Sloan? I would think that they would be interested.
  5. Found this on Facebook. The guy that posted it was some kind of artist and posted a bunch of random black and white photos together that were loosely related. From what I gather, the photos weren't actually related (I think). Some appeared to be from the 40's Batman tv show. Anyway, here it is. Anyone know anything about this weird looking Buick-based machine? Almost looks like the Y-Job in the front somehow....
  6. Finally got around to putting my Dynalite in. Now I don't have to guess which gear I'm in when it's dark. Can't wait to do some night driving!
  7. I found the same on mine. To my knowledge, nobody makes a replacement. We are forced to use the newer type. Unfortunately, the newer type tend to bunch up as the manifolds move around making them unreliable.
  8. Dave, I sincerely hope you are able to attend. As a matter of fact, I would tell anyone that owns a pre-war car or is interested in these cars and the history of the automobile that they MUST attend the Old Car Festival at least once in their lives. I don't own one (yet) but I do enjoy them and have a great interest in them. I went to the festival last year. Last year was also my first summer in Michigan. Being a car guy in Michigan is something that I can only compare to being like a kid in a candy store. Needless to say, I went to a lot of car shows last summer. I mean, a LOT OF CAR SHOWS. That said, the Old Car Festival was life changingly AMAZING!!!!! Easily the BEST CAR SHOW EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. PERIOD. Everything was absolutely perfect. From the way the cars were parked (by ascending year) to the sheer number of museum quality cars on display. But, the most thrilling part of this whole shindig was seeing them on the road. This is a MOVING car show. That means that at any time, an owner can crank their car up and hit the roads of Greenfield Village. All day for as long as you want. For me, I am used to seeing these wondrous machines sitting idle and untouched in museums. To see them motor up and down the street, to hear the distinct sounds that each and every engine makes, to smell the old exhaust, to see them mingle in traffic one behind the other just like a street scene of old.....well my friends, it was simply incredible. Enough talk though, here are some videos. (Geeze, they should pay me to write the brochures. )
  9. I think I overcame this problem on mine by getting a universal type bulb socket from Autozone. These are held in by metal tabs that are bent in a way such that they spring into place when popped into the hole and hold themselves in. It has been a long time since I messed with mine. I'll try to take a look next time I'm in the garage.
  10. Thank you for covering this issue. I believe it was my post that asked about this. I was trying to use the embed code copied from Youtube as that is what did the trick before. Now, as you said above, all I need to do is go directly to the video on Youtube, copy the URL, and paste it in my post. The forum does the rest. Thanks again!
  11. The return of the LIKE button! Awesome! Also, if you really dig into your customization options on your profile there are a lot of new features. You can even put a wallpaper on there. I see a lot of folks lost their signature pictures. You have to upload a new picture attachment, then go into signature options, click where you want it to go, click My Media, click attachments on left side, then double click the picture you just uploaded in the list. I've just noticed also that no matter how big of a picture you upload for your signature pic, the system seems to resize it to be tiny. I tried uploading several different sizes of the "keep our streets beautiful" pic in my sig. but it always makes it come out small. Oh well, no big deal. Lovin' this new forum though. Oh, and I can ACTUALLY SEE these smileys and tell what they're supposed to be.
  12. Congrats Larry!! Glad we could get her up and running for the show. Wish I could have made it down to the meet but we'll have plenty of chances to joy ride this summer. Here's a few more and a couple of videos for good measure.
  13. Larry Schramm has been gracious enough to let me assist him and his good friend John in putting the engine of Larry's 1915 truck back together after having a rod re-babbited. The rod let go last year when Larry and I were out on a joy ride. Today was the first start up after we got everything back together. Once Larry got the timing figured out it idled nice and smooth. As John said, "I haven't heard it run that smooth the whole time you've had it." As I told Larry, I can't wait to go for another ride! I am very much interested in working on pre-war cars and would like to someday specialize in their restoration so I just want to say THANK YOU to Larry for allowing me to help out. It was truly a learning experience and I enjoyed watching you and John work together.
  14. Dave, if only! Brass era cars are a little out of my league right now if you know what I'm sayin'. I love to look at them, love to ride in them, and love to work on them. Someday I'll own one....or two....or six. :cool: That is, unless you've got a neglected orphan sitting around you want to put up for "adoption". Lol. Free to a good home?
  15. I had a great weekend also. Friday I went up to Flint to help Larry Schramm put a piston back in his '15 truck and button up the underside. Saturday I drove my '52 out to Davisburg to the Michigan Antique Festival car show. Came home for about an hour then drove the old girl up to Flint to assist Larry and his friend John put Larry's newly rebuilt starter/generator, water pump, and front engine cover back on. Drove home in the dark. Love driving my car in the dark. Just something about those pale yellow dash lights really takes you back in time. Today I drove out to the first cruise-in of the year at Baker's Restaurant in Milford. Spotted a 1931 American LaFrance firetruck with Buick engine, Buick motometer, and GMC built chassis. Hung around there for a while. On the way home stopped to fill up with ethanol free petrol and then stopped at a little roadside stand to share a custard banana split with Mrs. Shadetree. All in all a GREAT start to the driving season!! Put about 122 miles on this weekend.:cool:
  16. Spied at a local car cruise-in today. You never know what you'll see out and about in the Detroit-Metro area. Truck has a Buick engine, Buick motometer, and tag on dash said chassis was built by General Motors Truck in Pontiac.
  17. "Dynaflow Creep". Been called that once or twice.....:cool:. Lol.
  18. Need a known-good 226 engine for my project vehicle. It's a flathead straight six. This engine was used in Willys/Jeep trucks and station wagons from 1954 to 1962 I believe. These engines are notorious for developing cracks between the cylinders and valve seats due to heat issues. I have one with no less than FOUR cracks and need one with ZERO. I am located in Michigan not that far from Detroit. Let me know what you have and where you are located. Best way to contact me is through the forum private messaging system. Thanks.
  19. Got bored, made this.
  20. Well-said. I too enjoy the feel of driving an old car. That is the main reason I am in this hobby. I wanted to know what it was like to drive one of these cars back then. BUT, with that being said, I do fully appreciate a well-done custom car too. I really dig period correct hot rods and I'm digging the whole "derelict" concept too. Yes, my main love in the car hobby will ALWAYS be factory original cars but I would love to build a hot rod someday too. I have never known anyone with hot rods and thus have never had much experience with driving one, riding in one, peeling out and going down the road pedal to the metal. But I must say, the whole thing excites me and I would love to experience it some day. Just another aspect of the car hobby to love!
  21. Love it or hate it, either way it's still pretty cool seeing it burn out like that....:cool:. <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/B3X8DtxYt8I" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
  22. I got an email from a fellow club member having trouble with the trans. on his '39. Here is his message: Hi my name is Fred Fischbach #47662. I just picked up a '39 Special 41. The problem I'm having is the trans is locked in neutral. Looks like the centering cable pulled out too far. I need help adjusting it. Can you please give me some ideas on adjustment? The only Buick I've owned thus far has had a Dynaflow so I can't really help Fred out. He asked me to post his question here for him as he is having surgery done on his hand and is having a hard time typing. He gave me permission to put his email on here as well but knowing the internet like I do I don't think that's a good idea. If anyone wants his email so you can talk to him directly, just PM me. Or, you can post here and I will relay your message to him. Thanks guys.
  23. I couldn't stand it any longer. Had to hear the low grumble of a straight eight. These unheard of 50 degree temps. the last few days have got me all messed up. I've got the itch.....BAD. C'MOOOOOON SUMMER!!! <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/U3ViBIIwIdQ" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
  24. Looking good man. Maybe I'll have some cruise pictures of my own to put up soon. It's supposed to be up to 53 here in a few days!! Unheard of for this time of year!! Lol. Now that you've got her back on the road, take some super fine steel wool, dip it in some Mothers Mag Polish, and rub on that chrome. Buff off and follow up with 2 or 3 coats of wax. You won't BELIEVE what a difference it will make. I've gotten stuff that was rusted and tarnished to shine up real nice using that method. Stuff that I thought was TOAST.
  25. Dale, I trust you mean that you are merely getting rid of the cars and not your friends here on the forum! You gotta do what you gotta do my friend. Stick around here and keep us updated on your new "loves". Now, about your old loves.....where you "moving them out" to? Putting them on the market? I never even got to see your '46.
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