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  1. Dale, Mrs. Shadetree and I are doing just fine. Thanks for thinking about us! How are you and yours? As Larry said, I've been busy, busy, busy. Changed to a new school and got a part time job. In between that I've been working on the Kaiser quite a bit. We've been running all over the country searching for a Kaiser engine with NO CRACKS in it. I now own THREE Kaiser Supersonic 226 engines. First trip was out to Des Moines, Iowa. 24 hours of straight driving there and back. The latest excursion was a day trip to Louisville, KY and back. Pulled the head when I got home and no cracks in sight so may have finally lucked out. In answer to your other question, sadly I haven't had anything to submit to the Bugle lately. The only thing I've done to the Buick in the past year or so is DRIVE IT! No work to do on it=no articles to submit. Haven't even gotten any article submissions from other members in a long time. Again, glad to know you're thinking about us. It was good to hear from you and Mrs. Shadetree says hi.
  2. Mrs. Shadetree and I took a leisurely drive on the back roads of Michigan today. It was a beautiful Fall day.
  3. Wife and I attended the Old Car Festival at the Henry Ford Greenfield village yesterday. Had an AMAZING time that included rides in a 1915 Buick truck, a 1923 Buick, and a 1926 2.5 Ton International. Another highlight of the day was getting to see this 1915 D55 Buick that was owned by Walter Marr into which he placed a 12 cylinder experimental engine. It was actually two six cylinder engines mated together via a machined aluminum crankcase. AMAZING sight to say the least. It was being displayed by Walter's great-grandson Paul Marr (standing to the left of the car in the side shot). Here a a few pictures and a video of the engine running.
  4. Day 14 Time to Go Home Made the long trip back to Georgia. I had an UNFORGETTABLE time with my Dad. When I first got my Buick we we worked together on it almost every day and always enjoyed each others company (well, almost always, lol). I have missed him a lot since moving up here to Michigan and this was a great experience. I also want to thank my wife for putting up with the two of us for two whole weeks! Lol. I'll leave you with my favorite photo. Hope you enjoyed this account. I know I have. Miss you already Dad!
  5. Day 13 Sloan Museum & Buick Gallery Flint, MI Showed Dad where I spent so much time volunteering.
  6. Day 12 Back to the Bricks Flint, MI Parked the Buick over on historic Water Street for the Buick Party. FINALLY got to see the Y-Job and I got the gentleman from Stahl's to start up the Tucker for me!!
  7. Day 11 Cruising Woodward Ave. Sadly, no pictures. There were so many cars driving by we didn't think to snap any!
  8. Day 9 & 10 Rained Out! We needed the rest anyway. Sore feet and sunburns!
  9. Day 8 Ride in a 1915 Buick Truck & Bricks Flicks Flint, MI Cruised over to Larry's place in the Buick for a ride in his truck then took back roads to Flint for the Bricks Flicks at the drive-in. Movie was Smokey and the Bandit. Cruised home down the interstate in the dark.
  10. Day 7 Day of Rest Enjoyed some grilled burgers and more than a few frosty beers on the patio.
  11. Day 6 Fire Dept. Car Show Mundy Twp., MI Great show that supports the fire dept.
  12. Day 5 Gilmore Museum Hickory Corners, MI LONG DAY! Not only did we check out the museum but the Lincoln Club was having its first ever National here.
  13. Day 4 Figure 8 Racing & Demo Derby Mason, MI Grandstand tickets were SOLD OUT. Had to watch from the beer tent but after a few beers we still had fun.
  14. Day 3 Vinsetta Garage on Woodward Ave. Berkley, MI Burgers and beers on Woodward as we watched the cars cruise by.
  15. Day 2 Battle Alley Cruise-In Holly, MI Took the Buick out to Holly for the BEST cruise-in I have ever been to.
  16. I moved to Michigan a little over a year ago in the midst of the worst winter Michigan had seen in some 30 odd years. To put it bluntly, I was depressed and wasn't afraid to show it (ask Larry Schramm, he'll tell you ). Little did I know what awaited me when the snow finally melted. Having experienced almost 2 full Michigan summers I can now say that Michigan is THE PLACE TO BE for a car guy!! I am absolutely overwhelmed by the scope and variety of car-related activities to be experienced here. From the myriad of museums, to the amazing historical automotive sites, to the nightly cruise-ins 7 days a week, to the top-notch car shows, there is never a dull moment in the days of summer. There are so many events and happenings, I literally cannot do them all and after two summers still have not experienced everything. Now, that being said, my Dad (whom some of you know) is a car guy too. Sadly, when we moved to Michigan my folks were not able to follow. As much fun as I have at all of these car events I often think how much my Dad would love to be here for them too. Especially since I end up attending a lot of them alone. Well, this summer I decided to bring him up here for a two-week long, full-fledged, CAR GUY VACATION. To say that we had a blast would be an understatement. A few of my favorite quotes from my Dad while he was here. At Bricks Flicks-"I have NEVER in my life seen so many classic cars and hot rods in one place." At Vinsetta Garage-"This is one of the best burgers I have ever eaten in the coolest restaraunt I have ever seen." After riding in a 1915 Buick truck- "That was an amazing ride! I can't believe how good that truck runs! You'd never think something that is 100 years old would still be running down the road that good." Cruising Woodward Ave. the day before the Dream Cruise- "Look at all of these cars and all of these people just sitting on the side of the road to watch them drive by. It's amazing! This could only happen in Michigan. It wouldn't work anywhere else in the world". I think he had a good time but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Day 1-Stahl's Automotive Foundation Chesterfield, MI & Comeback Inn Cruise-In Milford, MI Visited the collection earlier in the day then cruised the Buick out to Milford that evening.
  17. It was definitely a "different" experience. Never been to a show quite like that. I'll be back next year though. We had a blast! TexasJohn, that girl was a contestant in the pinup show. She and a few of the other girls liked my "decorations" and stopped by to take a few pictures. She posted that on Facebook later on and I grabbed it from there. She definitely wasn't a '52 model. Lol. As for the insurance, all I can tell you is that my cost QUADRUPLED when we moved here from Georgia. That should give you a good idea of how that's working out! Larry, you don't have to tell me. I've learned my lesson good! Fr. Buick, that '54 belongs to a friend of mine that I met last year at a cruise-in. I didn't get any pictures of it at this show because I already have so many of it. Here are a few for you from last year. It's a custom job. Pretty nice. I'm not too keen on the modern stereo in the dash or the white shag carpet in the back window but to each his own! Lol.
  18. Mrs. Shadetree and I headed down to Lambertville, Michigan this weekend to attend the "Piston Jammers Panty Raid" car show. The Piston Jammers are a car club from Ohio and they do this show every year. It's kind of a rockabilly/traditional hot rod/rat rod/patina car kinda' thing. Although I consider my car to be a restoration work in progress, its patina allows it to fit into shows like this. Took us about 2 hours to make the 80 mile trip down there. Car ran great. Only bad part of the trip was when two large pieces of wood broke off the top of a pickup and smacked my front end going 70mph. Luckily, it only left a little white paint from the wood on the bumper. They don't build 'em like that anymore!! We arrived around 10:30 am and enjoyed the show. There were other events going on too like a horseshoe tournament, pinup girl contest, and a guy that carves tiki statues with a chainsaw as well as live bands. Show was over at 5 and the after party began. At this show you get to camp right next to your car so we set up our tent and got our fire pit going. By the way, I had my Buick PACKED with gear. So much so that when I pulled up the guy next to me asked if I had it on air bags. Lol. After dark there was a flame throwing show which included a '50 Buick (video below). Make sure you stick around until the end of the video. The Chevy was throwing out flames at least 2 stories high! Almost burned my eyebrows off! After the flame show, we went back to our tent and started roasting some hot dogs and marsmallows and enjoying more than a few frosty cold beverages. Shortly after this, the sky opened up and it downpoured for about 45 minutes! I stood over the fire pit with an umbrella to keep the embers alive while Mrs. Shadetree dove for cover in the tent. Managed to get the fire relit and dried everything off. The last band went off the stage at around 2am and we called it a night. Woke up the next morning, packed up the soggy camping gear, fired her up, put her in low, and plowed through about 4 inches of mud to exit the field. They were supposed to serve the campers breakfast but it looked like they had gotten a late start on it and we decided to seek food elsewhere so we could get on the road. Made the trip back with no problems at all. Smooth sailing. Had an AWESOME weekend!
  19. Had a great time! Thanks for the invitation Larry. Here are a few of the Buicks that were in attendance. Check out the wild '54 "Builac".
  20. Went to see Mad Max Fury Road in the theatre a few weeks ago. Noticed one of the war machines was a Buick. Pretty cool. FANTASTIC action movie too. The whole thing was basically a massive 2 hour long chase scene. I've seen it twice now. Once in 2D and once in 3D if that tells you anything about how much I like it.
  21. Mrs. Shadetree and I were in a store today called 2nd and Charles. They're a second hand store that sells a little bit of everything. Books, cds, albums, video games, movies, comic books, toys, etc, etc. I made a beeline for the automotive book section like I always do and LOOK WHAT I FOUND. Look at that price!! I've read the 5th edition but never the 6th and I don't own a copy either. I do now!
  22. Roberta, I should be there to watch Smokey and the Bandit. My Dad will be in from Georgia and that's his favorite movie of all time so we are there with bug spray in hand! Also, I don't know who this "Jennifer" chick is but don't tell my wife Jessica about her. LOL.
  23. Dave, I dress them with a tire dressing product made by the company that makes the tires. It is supposed to keep the tire from drying out and contain a UV protectant. I apply it every time I clean the tires. John, these cracks are in the white wall only. Just like before. It started out small and became a lot bigger very quickly. Looks like the floor of a desert. Wayne, in all honesty I am not pleased at the thought of going through this process again but after calming down a bit from my initial anger earlier today I have decided to contact them. I just got in from taking pictures of the DOT numbers. I will get pictures of the cracks tomorrow when it is daylight out. I think I was wrong about the numbers being rubbed off. It appears that what I was seeing was a rough, cracked looking gouge at the end of the numbers. I'm guessing it was caused by whatever they used to press the numbers in. I went back and edited my original post to remove that statement. I've gathered my original receipts and paper work and as soon as I get the rest of the pictures I'll be contacting them. Speaking of those DOT numbers, maybe you guys can help me understand these. According to what I know about DOT numbers on tires made since the year 2000, the last four digits should tell me the month and year they were made. BUT....the numbers on these tires don't seem to make sense. They contain 11 characters. The last four of both rear tires is 5421. The last four digits of both front tires is 5031. So using the decoding process that gives me the 54th week of the year 2021 and the 50th week of the year 2031. I don't think that's right. So does that mean these tires were made BEFORE the year 2000?? Applying the decoding process for tires before 2000 that would mean my rear tires were made the 42nd week of the year in the first year of the decade and the fronts would be made in the 3rd week of the year in the first year of the decade. Which would mean my tires have been around since '91. Am I doing this correctly?
  24. First off, I'm not going to say the brand name of the tires. That would get this thread booted quickly. I would suggest that anyone responding please refrain from mentioning a brand name as well so this thread will stay open. Thanks. Here's some background. In Sept. 2013 I bought a set of bias ply 3" white walls from a popular manufacturer. I had them put on at their headquarters. Fast forward to March 2014, my white walls began to crack BADLY. I contacted the company and sent them photos. I determined that the date codes on my "new" tires translated to the tires being 12 years old and thus dry rotted. Their excuse was that the technician at the shop must have accidentally grabbed my tires off of the "display only" shelf. So they agreed to put a new set on. At this time I was in the process of moving to Michigan from Georgia so on my way out of town trailering the car behind a Uhaul I stopped at their headquarters and they put a new set on. Now I was in a hurry and didn't inspect the tires incredibly close as I had a long, stressful trip ahead of me. Truth be told, I really didn't think I'd need to inspect them as I believed I was dealing with an honest company that made an honest mistake. However, when I got to Michigan and later on took a closer look I noticed that several of the "new" tires had some curb rash marks on the black side walls. I was pretty angry at this point but rather than go through trying to take the tires off and mail them back and etc., etc., etc. I decided to just deal with it as the curb rash was on the black wall and wasn't really noticeable from a few feet away. I kept the tires inflated to the EXACT pressure that they were inflated to by the techs. at the company shop which was 34 lbs. I even called the company help line later on to verify this pressure as it seemed kind of high to me. I have used the line of tire care products made by this company and followed the care instructions TO A "T". The car is kept indoors and only driven weekends and I jacked the car up and put it on four jack stands over the winter. I clean and dress these tires about once a month. Now here it is a little over a year later and I just noticed my white walls are beginning to crack again. What I want to know is, was this my fault? This is my first set of bias ply white walls. Am I caring for/inflating them correctly? Anyone else have similar experiences or advice?
  25. Mrs. Shadetree and I spent the night at the U.S. 23 Drive-In in Flint, Michigan last night. While it wasn't our first time at a drive-in it was our first time taking our Buick. We had a great 45 minute drive up, enjoyed a double feature, and a wonderful night time drive home. One thing I didn't consider though, BUG SPRAY IS A MUST!! We got eaten alive by skeeters! Wouldn't you know it though? The concession stand GLADLY sold us a can of OFF! for the low, low price of $7.00. Lesson learned. Still had a great time though.
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