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  1. Dale, Mrs. Shadetree and I are doing just fine. Thanks for thinking about us! How are you and yours? As Larry said, I've been busy, busy, busy. Changed to a new school and got a part time job. In between that I've been working on the Kaiser quite a bit. We've been running all over the country searching for a Kaiser engine with NO CRACKS in it. I now own THREE Kaiser Supersonic 226 engines. First trip was out to Des Moines, Iowa. 24 hours of straight driving there and back. The latest excursion was a day trip to Louisville, KY and back. Pulled the head when I got home and no cracks in sight so may have finally lucked out. In answer to your other question, sadly I haven't had anything to submit to the Bugle lately. The only thing I've done to the Buick in the past year or so is DRIVE IT! No work to do on it=no articles to submit. Haven't even gotten any article submissions from other members in a long time. Again, glad to know you're thinking about us. It was good to hear from you and Mrs. Shadetree says hi.
  2. Mrs. Shadetree and I took a leisurely drive on the back roads of Michigan today. It was a beautiful Fall day.
  3. Wife and I attended the Old Car Festival at the Henry Ford Greenfield village yesterday. Had an AMAZING time that included rides in a 1915 Buick truck, a 1923 Buick, and a 1926 2.5 Ton International. Another highlight of the day was getting to see this 1915 D55 Buick that was owned by Walter Marr into which he placed a 12 cylinder experimental engine. It was actually two six cylinder engines mated together via a machined aluminum crankcase. AMAZING sight to say the least. It was being displayed by Walter's great-grandson Paul Marr (standing to the left of the car in the side shot). Here a a few pictures and a video of the engine running.
  4. Day 14 Time to Go Home Made the long trip back to Georgia. I had an UNFORGETTABLE time with my Dad. When I first got my Buick we we worked together on it almost every day and always enjoyed each others company (well, almost always, lol). I have missed him a lot since moving up here to Michigan and this was a great experience. I also want to thank my wife for putting up with the two of us for two whole weeks! Lol. I'll leave you with my favorite photo. Hope you enjoyed this account. I know I have. Miss you already Dad!
  5. Day 13 Sloan Museum & Buick Gallery Flint, MI Showed Dad where I spent so much time volunteering.
  6. Day 12 Back to the Bricks Flint, MI Parked the Buick over on historic Water Street for the Buick Party. FINALLY got to see the Y-Job and I got the gentleman from Stahl's to start up the Tucker for me!!
  7. Day 11 Cruising Woodward Ave. Sadly, no pictures. There were so many cars driving by we didn't think to snap any!
  8. Day 9 & 10 Rained Out! We needed the rest anyway. Sore feet and sunburns!
  9. Day 8 Ride in a 1915 Buick Truck & Bricks Flicks Flint, MI Cruised over to Larry's place in the Buick for a ride in his truck then took back roads to Flint for the Bricks Flicks at the drive-in. Movie was Smokey and the Bandit. Cruised home down the interstate in the dark.
  10. Day 7 Day of Rest Enjoyed some grilled burgers and more than a few frosty beers on the patio.
  11. Day 6 Fire Dept. Car Show Mundy Twp., MI Great show that supports the fire dept.
  12. Day 5 Gilmore Museum Hickory Corners, MI LONG DAY! Not only did we check out the museum but the Lincoln Club was having its first ever National here.
  13. Day 4 Figure 8 Racing & Demo Derby Mason, MI Grandstand tickets were SOLD OUT. Had to watch from the beer tent but after a few beers we still had fun.
  14. Day 3 Vinsetta Garage on Woodward Ave. Berkley, MI Burgers and beers on Woodward as we watched the cars cruise by.
  15. Day 2 Battle Alley Cruise-In Holly, MI Took the Buick out to Holly for the BEST cruise-in I have ever been to.
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