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  1. Mrs. Shadetree and I took a leisurely drive on the back roads of Michigan today. It was a beautiful Fall day.
  2. Dave, if only! Brass era cars are a little out of my league right now if you know what I'm sayin'. I love to look at them, love to ride in them, and love to work on them. Someday I'll own one....or two....or six. :cool: That is, unless you've got a neglected orphan sitting around you want to put up for "adoption". Lol. Free to a good home?
  3. I had a great weekend also. Friday I went up to Flint to help Larry Schramm put a piston back in his '15 truck and button up the underside. Saturday I drove my '52 out to Davisburg to the Michigan Antique Festival car show. Came home for about an hour then drove the old girl up to Flint to assist Larry and his friend John put Larry's newly rebuilt starter/generator, water pump, and front engine cover back on. Drove home in the dark. Love driving my car in the dark. Just something about those pale yellow dash lights really takes you back in time. Today I drove out to the first cruise-in of the
  4. Spied at a local car cruise-in today. You never know what you'll see out and about in the Detroit-Metro area. Truck has a Buick engine, Buick motometer, and tag on dash said chassis was built by General Motors Truck in Pontiac.
  5. Got bored, made this.
  6. A Nightmare On Buick Street Part 2: The Nightmare Continues
  7. Few more dredged up from the murky depths of the net to haunt your dreams....
  8. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's goin' on here fellas? We've got almost a full page and no pretty ladies with women standing next to them. I'm gonna' grab the wheel and get us back 'tween the mailboxes.:cool:
  9. Absolutely GORGEOUS day here in Michigan. Perfect driving weather. I had a BLAST riding around with Larry today in his '15 truck. I've included a few photos and a video I took during the ride. As Larry said though, disaster struck. All seemed to be going fine when we stopped back at Larry's to grab a drink for us and the truck. Squirted some oil on the valve train and headed back out for another round. Larry pointed out that something did not sound quite right. After he pointed it out I heard it too. Almost like a vibration type sound. All of a sudden something let loose in the engine and it s
  10. I think I'm related to that feller'. Lol. My Dad almost named me Rocky. I have an Uncle named Dusty. Beautiful pictures Bernie. This bit of random information has been brought to you by: Robert Trail
  11. Larry, next time you get the itch to go for a drive gimme' a call. I'd be glad to provide you with an excuse to go for another ride.
  12. Dale, they'd be laughing.....I'd be crying. Especially if it was mine.
  13. Oh.....the humanity! :eek: I just threw up in my mouth a little bit....
  14. Dale, we were only there on Sunday. I didn't go up on Friday because of the rain, Saturday I went to the Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village. We got to Frankenmuth at 9:30 on Sunday and left around 2:30. Photographic evidence below. Sorry we missed you my friend.
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