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  1. <<<<<<-----this is rust free to me
  2. looking for a STARTER FOR 1951 288 dont care if it works as long as bendix is good
  3. what i find funny is i am getting made fun of but someone need to do a search on a 1953 packard clipper executive (bullet proof car ) it had one and there was a hounderd built that year of tem
  4. Pacakrd - Studebaker Vendors, the web link above has a list of places where you can get packard parts and info, for all diffrent makes and model
  5. Max Merrit Auto - Packard Parts & Accessories they have alot of parts for packards
  6. any one know a good product that gets surfice rust off a engine but dont damage the gaskets ?????????????????????
  7. my car has no issues i just wanted a up date for newer radios and stuff but i dont think i going to do it ill just put a 12 v batt in the trnk and hook the newer radio to it
  8. the baking soda the best one it removes the rust and paint and saves the medal it worked great wen we did it to my rx7 ( doesnt have much sheet metal to start wit in the first place) just never reuse it unless you shift it first
  9. i got a true story for 55 desoto fans i have a son who is five years old and we went to a car show the the last weekend and there was a 55 desoto there and it was very ragged out had cancer bad in the fenders and quarter panals well we where walking around and looking at all the finished show cars and my son woldnt even pay attion to them and we get to the desoto and i swear my boys eyes light up and he ran as fast as he could over to that car and e looked it over like a pro and told me he wanted it and he went on and on about how he wanted to fix it up well we left and he kept talking
  10. naw mine starts and runs great i mean if you bump the starter shes ready to go i want it 12 v beause i tought it would be easyer to get some of the parts
  11. does the duel super charger super sonic 8 exsist and if it does where can i find one ?
  12. does any one know what needs to be done to change my 51 packard from 6v to 12v.Is there a kit for it , where would i find a altantor that would fit it . how many custom packards are running round . thanks for reading help would be apretated
  13. wow alot of diffrent opinions hum which to pick i tought this wold be easy harderd then a new car well i like to thank every one for there imput but i found a packard original service manaul it say 20w oil and type a so i think ill go with what they say i hope i can find some lol
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