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  1. Great suggestions! Thanks everyone.
  2. Thanks everyone for the help! I opened the oil pump and it was dry as a bone. My plan will be to pack the gears with grease or assembly lube and then try to fill the oil passages with oil. I will work on it this weekend and let you know!
  3. I just started my '33 Rockne flathead-6 yesterday after rebuilding it. It ran good but the gauge didn't register any oil pressure. Is there a simple troubleshooting trick to check that the oil pump is working?? Has anyone else had issues with an oil pump after reassemble? Does it need to be primed?? Thanks,
  4. In reference to you original question, resources like www.mcmaster.com and grainger.com will have just about any fastener, bolt, nut, screw, felt, gasket material, polyurethane (For engine mounts), light bulbs, graphite packing, and brake/clutch lining material, etc... you will need. I'm rebuild a 1933 Rockne and have found them a better and cheaper resource than the restoration suppliers. If you can can get you hands on a dealer parts book it will list all the small parts by size making ordering easy.
  5. All - I have a '33 Rockne with the stock Flathead-6. I ran it for a couple if minutes for the first time yesterday and it ran good. Unfortunately the oil gauge didn't register any pressure (not sure if it works). Does anyone have a trick to verify the oil pump working drawing oil to the engine?? Has anyone experienced problems with the oil pump not drawing oil after a rebuild? It has 6 quarts of 30wt oil in it. :confused:
  6. I've rebuild 2 of these and they are as simple as it gets. My 2 cents, the pin that shuts off the fuel at the inlet might be missing or bad/bend basically not doing a good job, or the pump pressure is to high. The original AC mechanical pumps only had about 3lbs of pressure. Did it idle well? Did you run it over idle? They may have not cleaned out the idle circuit passages properly so the fuel's not flowing well. If it was fuel starved over idle then the main jet or economizer circuits may be dirty/clogged??? I have a good info on the carb I can send you if you need it.
  7. Thoffs, I would be very interested in the freewheeling cable. email is pmaher321@adelphia.net
  8. If you can post a picture and the dimensions I could compare to the pieces I have.
  9. Robert - Here some images of the trim on my Rockne Sedan, I am looking for trim for the passenger side, front and rear doors. Maybe your trim from the model 54 are the same or close? I can get you the dimensions if it will help.... If anyone needs them, I also have quarter window trim for the Rockne. I believe they are for a 5 window coupe because they are smaller than the trim on my sedan.
  10. I have a 1933 Rockne and just removed the front axle and discovered it has a bend on the right side. Can this be straightened? Has anyone done this without a press? What will happen if I leave it bent? I'm pretty sure the frame is bent as well. The car had been sitting for years and had front end damage when I rescued it. When I removed the cable brakes there were no linings left and all f 4 wheels were soaked in grease! The last driver of the car must have had superhero strenth to stop the car!
  11. I would also be interested in any suggestions.
  12. I have a '33 Rockne and I am desperate for a radiator and a starter. I could also use numerous small pieces, handles, cables, gauges, bumpers, etc.... Email me at pmaher321@adelphia.net Thanks!
  13. I'm looking for your help and guidance while trying to resurrect a 1933 Rockne Model 10. (See Picture) Other than the drivetrain it is missing almost everything! Larry has been contacted... To get me started I need a starter motor (Autolite MAJ-4030 or MAJ-4026) and a radiator. If none are available are there substitutes that might work?? Anyone have an extra dipstick or oil filler cap to complete the engine? Would like to trade?? Email me at pmaher321@adelphia.net Thanks in advance for your help!