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  1. Wow, tons of info, just like I figured. From everything I am reading here, it looks like the old 6v systems do not really present any major challenges. Good to hear. We will be sticking with the 6v like I was hoping.
  2. I have been leaning heavily in that direction. I like the old stuff, that's why we have a 39. How is it for getting parts?
  3. Our 39 Buick Special has a functioning 6v generator. Since we are in the midst of a frame-off restoration, this would be the best time to decide whether we keep the generator, or drop in a 12v alternator and update the entire electrical system. Thoughts, ideas and help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi Danny, This is Eric. I've been left in charge of the web stuff this week, because Elizabeth is away for the week. I love all the enthusiasm we find on this forum, it makes the restoration so much more fun. I wasn't aware there was an early type grill. How is it different? Do you have a picture of a later one? I know we have the long chassis, but I have no idea what the beaver panel is. You tell me what it is and where I can find it, and I'll gladly go check it out. I'm happy to say that the original carb came with it, but we'll definitely have our eyes open for an air breather. That did not come with it. Isn't it awesome how these things just keep on running? Imagine leaving a newer car for a years and then trying to start it. Gotta go now, I'm in the midst of trying to get the dashboard apart. That and the steering column are the only things left to remove before I lift the body off.
  5. Wow! What a beautiful car! And what a find to have all the paperwork! What paint colour is the body? It's a real inspiration! Elizabeth
  6. Let me know the results! Good luck! Elizabeth
  7. To '39BuickEight - thanks for the welcome and the links! Yours is one of the first links we looked at when we started this project. Very cool! Where did you send your engine?
  8. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. This is such a great forum! Danny - Wow! 20 years you've been working on your '39! That's a lot of love into one car. So great! I totally get what you mean by life getting in the way of the restoration! With 4 kids, two dogs and our house currently up for sale, there seems to be little time to be had. The kids are keen to help with it though, so it really helps. We seem to be going at it in the opposite way you are. We plan to deal with the engine last, as it runs already. Once we have the body and interior fixed up, we want to drive her regularly. Then we will finish the restore while we can enjoy driving at the same time! The kids can't wait to be driven to school in Eleanor! 1939_Buick - thanks for the links. They are so helpful and interesting. I love seeing all the body work in the first link. I'll admit I have no skill there at all, but am looking forward to learning! Also, thanks for the info about Dave Corbin. I've seen his name on the forum before and my husband sent him a message regarding this exact thing. Really looking forward to a reponse!
  9. Hi Danny, Thanks for the welcome! Do you have a link so we can have a look at your projects? Elizabeth
  10. Hi John, Thanks for the reply to our post. We will certainly have a look at joining BCA. We had not heard of it until you posted, so thanks for that too! We've been looking at the website and there sure are some beautiful cars on it. Wow! The BCA national meet sounds like a lot of fun! Really hope we can make it and will certainly try! Elizabeth
  11. Hi! My husband and I are the proud new owners of a 1939 Buick Special and have been spending a lot of time looking at this forum. So many great tips and stories! We are new to restoration, but not new to cars in general. We'd thought we'd add a link to our blog in case there's any interest. We'd love to hear from you! 1939 Buick Special Restoration Eric and Elizabeth