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  1. I just saw your post, won't be able to be of much help as I am need of a couple of caps for a 39 series 80 myself. I have looked everywhere i can think of locally and currently am using the cap (cut to size) from a paint spray can. Hope someone else has a lead on these dust caps.
  2. Happy New Year everyone! My name is Terry from St. Alberta, Alberta and probably like most on these forums grew up playing with and taking apart what were to us then just old cars (if I only had now all the cars that my buddies and I went through!) Found out that the hard part is putting them back together. I have to admit to "lurking" for some time now, just too busy with work and other stuff to introduce myself. My New Years Resolution...Man up, join the BCA (done) and start joining in. This has been a Buick year for my wife and I.In first place, last spring we purchased a 1939 Roadmaster 81C. Always loved the styling and presence of the prewar cars in general and my wife fell in love with this one. Its a "20 footer" but we intend on working on it as time goes by and enjoy driving it now. Lots of questions about things but I will post them in the appropriate forum. Secondly,wife needed a new vehicle for work, puts on a lot of miles, looked at all the (and I mean all!) the new vehicles and ended up with an Enclave. Third, an opportunity came up this fall and my wife and her father bought a 1940 Special Model 44-19 (McLaughlin). Its also a driver, but in decent original shape. The question I have to ask of the long time Buick guys is this. Is this normal when you start owning Buicks and should I build a bigger shop in case any more Buicks show up in my yard? All the best in the New Year Terry Bokenfohr
  3. Thanks everyone for all the information, I called Springfield and they have a rod for a 90 series that they are sending to me. Hopefully it will fit right in, but with all the info you have all given me I am sure I can make it work. This is a great site and forum, thanks again. I will follow the discusions and hope I can be of help to someone else.
  4. Thanks for the information, I didn't have the part # so this will help.
  5. I tried calling Dave but he didn't have the correct radius rod and he suggested using a 40-60 rod (extended) to replace it. Looking through various part suppliers though indicates that the bushings are different for the different series so a 40-60 rod may not work at all. May have to try to fabricate something but I have no good info on the correct dimensions Thanks for responding Terry
  6. Good Morning! New to this forum and to Buick ownership. Great site and good information, hoping someone can help with my project. Recently purchased a 39 series 80,during transport due to improper tie down the radius rod was bent (deformed). The frame/axle alignment was out to the point where the right hand spring was rubbing on the tire. I've been to all the parts suppliers or restorer sites in Hemmings and whatever I can find on the net but no luck in finding a replacement. I don't have a parts book but the shop manual says that the series 80/90 rods are interchangeable for 38 and 39 but I don't know if this part interchanges anywhere else. Would a 40-60 series rod, if extended work as a replacement? I don't know what the bushing to bushing length should be as mine is bent in at least 2 dimensions and is made of what the book calls stampings (flat tube steel) and very difficult to straighten. I am not even sure if the rod should run straight from bolt to bolt or if it is curved. If I can't find any easy fix and I have to fabricate a rod would someone be able to give me the proper dimensions? thanks