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  1. Beautiful car and well taken care of. This car shows well in black and white photo.
  2. I believe that I am a caretaker of my car. The car is over 80 years old and hopefully it will be around much longer than I will. I also have put much more into the car than it is worth, so I do not expect to get all of the money back out of it when the time comes to part with the car. That having been said, I believe this is a very nice car for 20 to 25 thousand.
  3. Can't get much better than this. Best of luck with your new car.
  4. Thank you for the information Bryan. I have been following a 120 coupe (very nice car) on BaT that currently has a bid of 17k and I think it is worth more than that, but if it ends at 25k or 30k, I can't see $70,000 more for the convertible.
  5. I am all over this car like a cheap suit. Beautiful interior and that color of the exterior sure puts this one over the top. I agree with JamesR, now way can you find another muscle car of this era at this price looking this good.
  6. Doesn't have time to run it through a car wash? When does this poor man sleep?
  7. Really nice looking car. I like the factory wheels, but the price seems a little high for a car needing paint.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I am not real knowledgeable when it comes to the Packard brand, though I hope to own one some day, but isn't the 120 the entry level car? I understand the the price goes up when the top comes down, but that is a a ton of money. Beautiful car and I do love the skirts on this car.
  9. Beautiful color on a very stylish car. The interior sure looks awesome. If all is correct with the description, then you could buy this car at a reasonable price and sleep well at night that the gremlins have been taken care of.
  10. Putting a price tag on potential is like putting a price on sentimental value. All that goes out the window when negotiations start.
  11. I really like this car, but if I was in the market, I would hold out for a '49. What a difference in styling from one year to the next. IMO the '49 looks much sleeker. That having been said, I don't think you could find a nicer example of a '48.
  12. Had a Renault in the late 90s. What a piece of junk. The car had a plastic radiator. Several issues with car, so I went to the dealer who originally sold the car to my mother in law and asked if it was worth fixing. He admitted the car was poorly engineered and advised getting what I could for it and move on. I called the car "Run? No"
  13. I've seen worse, on second thought I haven't seen worse. Cut out a small piece of this car and make a key chain out of it and use it as conversation starter (my RT)
  14. Sure seems well cared for. Nice presentation of a car that is not seen very often. Absolutely beautiful interior.
  15. I was totally awe struck until I saw the interior. The description says it all right out of the 70s. I really like this color blue.
  16. I may be mistaken, but it seems as though that drivers side fender is a little tweaked. I do like the red on this car, haven't seen too many in this color.
  17. Looks to be "adult owned" straightforward with not crazy add ons that detract from a sharp body style.
  18. Sure is an interesting car. I'm not sure why the price has been raised after not selling for almost a year. Maybe the reasoning is inflation.
  19. Looks like a project in need of a carpenter. Sure like the interior.
  20. If the car was sorted out, I could see asking for the whole loaf, but I don't believe the wiring has been done, and the interior is a question mark, so I would question those two items. the valve cover would pique my curiosity also. IMO the green makes the car look a little more interesting than the standard black.
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