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  1. If you are ever in Los Angeles around the middle of May, make it a point to attend the George Barris car show in Culver City. You will see many of these cars of the 40s lowered a fully decked out. This car show is quite a large show with an example of several different styles of autos.
  2. I like it a lot inspite of not being a big fan of black cars. A little over priced, but he is willing to negotiate.
  3. The low riders of the '40s are very popular in Southern California. It is a style that was born in this area.
  4. I like the reclining drivers seat. This car is destined to be yard art. But I do like the style of this car.
  5. Hello Dave, If you have the Carter 474 carb on your Super, I would sure like to see the vacuum line install off of the intake/exhaust manifolds. Thanks, Mike
  6. I think that there is a lot of potential for this car if the rust is not too bad. The color does not do too much for the car IMO. The beltline delineation makes this a beautiful two tone car.
  7. Nice looking car and a 98 as a bonus. The speedometer does not seem right. When you first start out the strip is green to 35 mph, then yellow up to 50 and then red after that. Very nice looking dash. I owned a '60 and it was always a pleasure to drive.
  8. Nice looking car at a great price. Best of luck to the new owners. Same philosophy as myself regarding this hobby Jim. When I am ready to sell my car, I will be more interested in finding a good home for the car than making any profit. I'm just the caretaker of the car, it was here before I was born and I hope it will be here long after I am gone.
  9. Very stylish hardtop with a very nice looking dash. I would definitely drive this car. But the price is still pretty strong for this model. I would like to see some pics of the undercarriage.
  10. Yup, don't believe that the interior is the same that this car left the factory with over 50 years ago. But it doesn't look too bad and the price is near to reality. I do agree with the seller in that this is a cool car.
  11. Thanks for the reply Gary, my linkage looks ok but fittings on the intake and exhaust don't seem right. I will post some pics in the daylight. Mike
  12. Can someone supply photos of the connections running to and from the Carter Carb on my '40 Buick Super, or Special? All of the photos that I see do not show the manifold connections and I would like to try to make the bends as accurate as possible. Thanks, Mike
  13. Very nice looking car. I searched the '55 Century convertible and looked at a few, but didn't notice the difference if this car has been altered. But I have been wrong before.
  14. I would have to agree on this one. At first glance there is a lot to like, but further investigation should be done to verify that the rust hasn't gone too far. Nice looking car though.
  15. My car has taught me one very valuable lesson. Beware of cars that will be difficult to find parts for. My '40 Buick Super was the first year for the Super and several parts that I needed to source were specific to the Super and Roadmaster of this year only. Now if I had to search for parts for the Graham, well you get my drift.... For 25k I would buy a nice Packard.
  16. I suppose it all depends on what type of driving that you do and what the terrain is like in your neck of the woods. I purchased my '40 Super with a 263 in the Los Angeles area where most of my driving was on roads that were very flat and the car performed well with the 4.4 gears, but it would have been nice to have more top end. When I moved to Asheville, NC I found that there are no such thing as a flat surface and the additional bottom end sure helps with the hills in this town. I just tuned the car up and installed a rebuilt carb and the performance is like night and day.
  17. Very clean looking car, not sure what it looks like under the hood, but if the engine compartment is as clean as the exterior, someone is going to be driving a very cool new car.
  18. Nice looking car, but for 25k there are a wide variety of cars to choose from. I'm not sure if this styling will appeal to everyone IMO.
  19. Great video Keith, a lot of good information about this beautiful Pre War Chrysler.
  20. Very nice looking car. A lot of enjoyment to be had in driving this '37. Best of luck with your new car.
  21. I am a little biased regarding Buicks of the pre war era. IMO this is a mixed bag, the car looks great on the exterior and interior, but the engine compartment could be freshened up a little and if the wiring is original I would be concerned. All that water under the bridge, I still really like this car.
  22. Sure is a beautiful car. If the interior looks as good as the exterior, I don't see how you could go wrong on this one.
  23. Sellers description states "original and clean". I would say that is 50% true, but I sure like the styling on these models.
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