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  1. Looks like a small bit of change could make this a perfect driver with low investment.
  2. IMO nice looking car. I wouldn't have taken that direction in restoring this car, but to each his own.
  3. This will be a great looking car when finished. Good luck on this project.
  4. Congratulations on your new car and many props to you for saving this car after years of neglect.
  5. I like the year, but not the model. 300 was an entry level car with the six. Signs of rust do not do this car any favors.
  6. Couldn't agree with you more. So often you see this color and it appears pink. This Coral looks real sharp.
  7. Beautiful car and it seems like a fair price, but I remember doing the wiring under the dash of my car. I felt like I had been twisted into a pretzel by the time I was finished.
  8. Body looks good from what you can see of it, but appears as though wiring has been started and owner lost interest. Painted chrome never looks good.
  9. As a generality, cars of this era have a ceiling. There are exceptions such as the Hollywood Graham, Cadillacs and some phaetons, but many of these sedans were produced at a high volume and not very many people are looking for them today. I can say this as I own one of them. Nice looking car, but IMO it is over priced.
  10. I really like the shape of the windows on the driver and passenger side. Skirts all around give it that aerodynamic look. Great post.
  11. Great deal Ken. The car is much nicer than most entry level cars into this hobby. Drive it and tinker with it at your leisure.
  12. Nice looking car. Excellent choice in two tone paint. I would definitely drive this car.
  13. Pretty high price for a homely looking car. Something that you don't see every day and there is a reason for that.
  14. Really nice looking car. I don't know if the price is right, but I would sleep well at night if i purchased this car.
  15. IMO this is a homely car that someone might pay 5k for. Maybe he really doesn't want to sell this car and is afraid someone will give him what he is asking for.
  16. Beautiful car, I am a little too tall for these cars. Sure do like the looks though.
  17. The snow tires might be saying that this car has been off road for some time. Rust might be a major concern.
  18. Very attractive car, but I do agree that the distance between and front bumper and the sheet metal looks odd.
  19. Best way to sell a car, take only picture and make that pic staged in the middle of the night.
  20. Is there one piece of sheet metal on this truck that hasn't been hit?
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