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  1. 4 hours ago, JamesR said:

    Boy, you don't see many mid-size '64 Dodges. Strange, because they're nice looking. By contrast, you see a fair number of '64 Chevelles (and other similar GM's), as well as '64 Fairlanes.

    I agree, my sister had a '64 Fairlane Sport Coupe. Nice looking design. And my parents had a Turquoise Chevy Malibu. Both were great cars. I think the style of the Dodge leaves a lot to be desired in comparison. 

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  2. On 7/23/2021 at 7:58 PM, Den41Buick said:

    When visiting Kennebunkport, Maine this week, I discovered the Arundel Car Museum. It has a nice collection of cars on display with varying themes and various stages of restoration and originality. There were about 60 cars on display. The collection according to the docent is currently 174. The young docent I met was very informative of the cars in the collection. A definite car guy with a great deal of energy and love for the cars. It was a real pleasure to talk with him and the other staff there. A definite stop if you are in the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport Maine area. Not a stuffy car museum in any way. Oh yea. I forgot to take a picture of the Tucker in the collection. There are also interesting artifacts including license plates and Tucker parts.














    Stopped at this museum three days ago on our way to Swan Lake, Maine. The last car, a 1952 XK 120 is absolutely gorgeous. My favorites are the 1940 Cadillac convertible that was originally owned by the daughter of FDR, 1931 Dusenburg Model J, 1936 Hudson Super 6 Convertible (yellow) and a 1937 Delahaye, The Delahaye is a must see car, original coachwork done in Switzerland with lavendar leather interior and paint that defies description. Beautiful car


  3. 2 hours ago, Smartin said:

    15 years ago, I would have sold that 72 Boattail (recently sold for $20k) for $5k.  2 years ago, I sold my 57 Roadmaster 75 4 door for $25k.  Prices are up for sure.


    I think I recall a 59 flattop selling for the high 20's in the last couple years, too.

    I agree, five years ago this would be the price of a nice coupe of this year, but everything changes. 

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  4. There was a recent post of an owner of a '40 Super driving this car from Baltimore to Charlotte without any issues. I do a little freeway driving with my '40 Super and I found that having the carb recently rebuilt has made all of the difference in the world regarding power, but I do not push it past 55 as my car has the 4.4 rear end. I find that helpful as living in Asheville, there is no such thing as a flat surface (always a hill to climb). 

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