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  1. Excellent post, I will store this info in my memory bank should this occur with my car. Glad it was an easy fix Valk.
  2. 2carb40, sad to say I cannot come to the rescue of these cars as I am in Maine on vacation. I will check on these cars when I return in a week.
  3. Stopped at this museum three days ago on our way to Swan Lake, Maine. The last car, a 1952 XK 120 is absolutely gorgeous. My favorites are the 1940 Cadillac convertible that was originally owned by the daughter of FDR, 1931 Dusenburg Model J, 1936 Hudson Super 6 Convertible (yellow) and a 1937 Delahaye, The Delahaye is a must see car, original coachwork done in Switzerland with lavendar leather interior and paint that defies description. Beautiful car
  4. How do you get that much rust on the grill when the car is sitting in doors most of it’s life?
  5. I am traveling from New York to Maine in the next seven days and would like input on any auto events, or museums that may be in this area. Thank you in advance for all replies. Mike
  6. I agree, five years ago this would be the price of a nice coupe of this year, but everything changes.
  7. I like the interior on this car and I'm a big fan of the four door GM flat tops from '59 and '60. Great looking cars.
  8. Great looking car. IMO this car is worth the price if all of the chrome is in good condition. Paying to have the chrome done would bring the price down. 25k is all the money for this car though.
  9. There was a recent post of an owner of a '40 Super driving this car from Baltimore to Charlotte without any issues. I do a little freeway driving with my '40 Super and I found that having the carb recently rebuilt has made all of the difference in the world regarding power, but I do not push it past 55 as my car has the 4.4 rear end. I find that helpful as living in Asheville, there is no such thing as a flat surface (always a hill to climb).
  10. I love station wagons, but the PA. winters might have taken too big of a toll on this car. Too bad it wasn't stored in doors.
  11. Very sharp, clean looking Packard. Looks like someone took real good care of this car.
  12. Looks like a small bit of change could make this a perfect driver with low investment.
  13. IMO nice looking car. I wouldn't have taken that direction in restoring this car, but to each his own.
  14. This will be a great looking car when finished. Good luck on this project.
  15. Congratulations on your new car and many props to you for saving this car after years of neglect.
  16. I like the year, but not the model. 300 was an entry level car with the six. Signs of rust do not do this car any favors.
  17. Couldn't agree with you more. So often you see this color and it appears pink. This Coral looks real sharp.
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