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  1. Thank you for the post. Its been a while since I last put anything on the boards. I had taken a vacation last month across the country. I drove to a high school girlfriends place outside Chicago and spent a month there. I drove the Buick. the car made the trip perfectly. No problems knock on wood ! I drove it on the old Route 66 which is now for the most part I-40 stsrting at highway 58 in Barstow, California. Driving the Skylark through New Mexico, Missouri , Texas, Oklaholma , Arkansas and so on, youd be surprized at how many people stopped and stared at the car , with the old yellow and black California license plates and all, every time I was buying gas and passing them on the freeway. I had gotton stopped once by a cop on the way back to San Francisco just east of Alma, Oklaholma , he asked about the car since hed never seen one before , instead of issuing me a ticket. I was scared I would get a ticket since the red and blue lights were flashing and the siren was going , he was a nice man after all.
  2. 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser stationwagon 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1985 Ford escort stationwagon 1962 Buick Skylark
  3. I really dont drive at night hardly at all. But I might just pick up a set of originals either at a wreckers or off ebay. Its only original .... once
  4. One of them, on the passenger side is an ATLAS so im guessing somewhere sometime the car was taken to Chevron for a replacement.
  5. I was out shopping in my Skylark and some man came up to the car, I watched him outside the streetside window of the clothing store I was in. He took off his glasses and looked at the grill. I thought he was going to open the hood so I ran outside and asked what he was doing. He said he noticed the car still has 3 of the 4 T-3 headlamps on it. That they were original lamps and not many vintage cars still have them. Do they really matter or are they just something that GM put on their new cars ? I have seen them on ebay and they cost alot. Thanks for the input
  6. Im sorry John, theres nothing here but street parking. and even then its a constant battle for a space.
  7. With gas costing $4.63 a gallon I won't be driving it a lot. Its gotton too expensive to go anywhere anymore.
  8. Very good Rob , it works for the both of us. I dont know how things work in canada, I have never been there. The person Buick5563 brought up a excellent point. Buying R-12 is one thing but getting it across the Canadaian border is completely different. My earlier post was just me being a purist. My compressor bearing is bad in mine. That is why the system is dead. They do sell a replacement for 250 dollars or a new one for 800. So I have put it on hold for now. At any rate, I hope you are able to get yours working. To be honest I had no idea air conditioning was avaible in 1957. I just learned yet another thing from the boards here
  9. Thank you for the link Buick Racer, I will be getting in touch with the compact Buick group this week. I have bookmarked it. I hope it is still ok to be part of the boards here. I did look at the link posted by retirednow and I had no idea that the car was worth what the nana guides says it is. I offed the wagon which my grandmother bought new in 1970 back in the early to middle 1980s , when wagons werent worth anything. It leaked bad. Some kind of fluid, so bad I was not allowed to put it in our driveway or in front of the house because of the big puddles it left. I was offered 200 dollars by the wrecker here for the Monte Carlo. Instead I gave it away to the high school. Im sure the kids gutted it. Had I had any knowing that people actually wanted these cars, id have kept them and done the repairs. I wont go into the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J I passed on that was offered to me by my uncle, it was free of rust and had a nice what he called a Tick-Tock-Tach in it, I had never heard that phrase before , he said the car was sound and that he would not give me a car for christmas that he thought might break down and leave me somewhere but it was an old car in 1988 so I wanted nothing to do with it. He sold it to some guy who wrapped it around a tree somewhere in Sacramento. You all have been great people and have opened me up to these old cars, thank you all very much. I have gained alot of knowledge about the whole old car thing. I will keep this Bucik forever, in fact I am thinking about going out and buying some cheap Toyota and keeping this car parked. I only wish I had somewhere to keep it, instead of sitting on the street, moving it every other day for the street sweeper.
  10. No no Rob maybe I didnt word it correctly. There are cans of freon on ebat for sale. Plus theres cans on craigslist. They are " New " cans not used. There was one set on ebay where the seller was selling a set of 6 cans plus the meter set. They used to sell cans of the stuff at Autozone for like 2 dollars each, then I think it was around 1998 it got banned when they created R-134A. R12 is still aviable but to buy it, you need a license and you need to buy whole canisters of it. If I had the smarts or the money id have bought it myself by now off craigslist or ebay, im sure the system in my skylark wont take more then maybe 6 pounds. Just guessing. Once im able to afford to, I will be buying some myself. I will eventually get my a/c working in my skylark the way it was supposed to right off the showroom. . All the equipment is there but I dont know how much r-12 is still in the system. But since yours is missing major workings, it may be better to go to a wreckers and see if you can find the workings you may need. They do sell a 35 dollar kit to change the systems over to 134-a but ive decided to not do that. Maybe the kit is for you once you get all the parts you car need. Im sorry, if I confused you before.
  11. Funny thing, I had some guy come up and want to buy the old Yellow and Black license plates off the car. I guess the old california plates have a following. I didnt sell them. Hed buy the plates and pay me to have new modern ones issued.
  12. Thank you john, as things go, I hate old cars. I remember getting the hand me down Oldsmobile Vista-Cruiser wagon in high school, then saving enough money to go buy my own car. A 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It was a heep. It ran good at first but the starter went out, then the alternator, then they thought it was the fuel pump so I had that replaced but it didnt solve the stalling in it, so it was something else, in the end I replaced the gas tank and it never ran right after that. Then the transmission started to go on it It Always needed work. I drove the heck out of the car and dumped a small fourtune into it. Every week it was something. I gave it to the high school autoshop and found a beater 1985 Ford Escort wagon. Not knowing anything about cars all I wanted was something I could drive and not dump thousands of dollars into. I was tired of cars that constantly need work done to them. Im not a rich person, I dont have endless acres of land. I have a studio apartment in downtown Frisco, so I didnt want another boat for a car. Just as my Ford starting making a unpleasant knocking noise from the motor, I knew judgement day for the car was coming. A shop here told me the motor had a rod knock and they wanted $3800 to replace the engine. I thought that was too way much money to spend. As I mulled over walking into a 5 year marrage to a finance company on some new Honda or Toyota , the Buick came along. I went for it. Theres no blue book value on a 62 Skylark since the car is so old, so I was sure theyd crush it down for scrap metal. Myself and Sarah rode with her mom to school in that car when we were little kids. She has long gone and gotton married, has kids and a nice new BMW and I ended up with her mothers Buick. But as old cars are famous for, they eventually break down. I plan on keeping this one, and so ive joined this forum to try and gain some knowledge on the car so some mechanic dosent try to take advantage of me being a woman and all. Im still getting razzed by people I work with on why I just didnt buy a new Accord or Camry. With the economy so unstable last thing I need is a car payment. The Buick is small for its time, it still has go to it, with the 215 V8 , 4 barrel carb and ..... Its paid for. Im into the car for a battery and a muffler so far and ive owned it since last October. It will need a new vinyl top before next winter.
  13. Ricks Upholstery in San Leandro, he does great work and has given me the best cost yet. The shop is on 14th avenue and 150th street
  14. You are right there. Its small for the era. The other cars were banana boats back then, ive been thumbing through the Owners booklet, warranty and Accessories books and the other cars for 62 were huge things. Plus this car runs way better then the 85 Ford Escort I was using.
  15. Thank you all , you are all very welcoming. The car needs a new vinyl top. I think the hail this year really did it in. It sat in a garage for years, now that I have it , today it sits outside on the street in front of my apartment. We had 3 days straight of a rain/hail mix. The vinyl roof is splitting now.