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  1. This is a complete grille set up for a 1940 Mercury all models. It consist of a Right & Left halve and also includes the center "spear" These parts are extremely rare, especially as complete set. They are vintage and made of cast aluminum with part numbers stamped in right and left hand sides. All bars are straight and no broken bars. A good polishing will have this set up looking like mirror chrome. $1500 to end auction I have it listed on ebay and I also have many other 1940 Mercury parts. http://www.ebay.com/itm/301060314072?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Wanted 37-39 Coupe or rear end from a coupe with deck lid and fenders...I will build from scratch if i have to
  3. I'm looking for 37-39 Zephyr coupe. May also buy a rear end with trunk lid as well and build a coupe from there. I know I'm crazy.
  4. I have this NOS Carter carb that My dad has had on shelf for 40+ years. You can see in pics that it still has the tags from factory. It was made for the 1952-56 Cadillac. The black plastic "Climatic Control" is broken at base. I also have a brand new rebuild kit that I bought for it thinking I could freshen it up and run it on a flathead. I was told this carb is way to big for a flathead motor. Please make an offer for the carb and rebuild kit. I can email you more pics. I hope that someone here can use the carb. I may trade for Flathead speed parts...I'm into early Fords. Shawn 661-714-1584 firefocus@hotmail.com
  5. Any 40 Mercs out there for sale? my contact info is above. Shawn
  6. I'm restoring a 1940 Mercury Coupe and have collected many parts over the years. I'm looking for another 1939-40 Mercury Coupe to restore and have as a project. I'm also interested in your parts for 1940 Mercury or flathead speed parts. I buy/sell/trade 1940 Mercury cars and parts. Shawn 661-714-1584 or firefocus@hotmail.com
  7. Hello. I'm looking for a good set of Zephyr gears to put in my 1939 3 speed top loader. Contact me if you want to sell a set. Shawn Firefocus@hotmail.com 661 714 1584
  8. If you or anyone you know has any parts for a 40 mercury or any cool old cars or parts in the NorthWest let me know. I'm located in western Montana.
  9. Do you still have the zephyr gears? Im looking for some gears to put in my 1939 ford/mercury top loader box. Shawn 661 714 1584 Firefocus@hotmail.com
  10. Well as you know I need a set of transmission gears for my 39 top loader. I can use a dash for a 39-40 ford or mercury and a grille for the same years. Also if you have any good steering wheels.
  11. What do you have for the 40 Merc? Email any pics to firefocus@hotmail.com Thanks Shawn
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