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  1. Jim, I tried to order from Osborn to get a catalog so I could get a new battery sticker for the fender under the hood but have not heard from them. In fact I wrote them a check for $5 to get the catalog. Any thoughts? Thanks, Jim
  2. Thanks for the further explanation. I understand how the policy really serves everybody well and I am sure the judges need some shield. Best, Jim
  3. Hi Billy Bird, I remember you and enjoyed talking to you. I am glad you like my car! I thought I would buy a BXL-24F with Motor Craft on it and cut off the strap which is supposed to be the only difference from original. I have also ordered an Osborn catalog to replace the battery sticker on the fender as you suggested. Thanks again for your help. Best, Jim
  4. Thanks for your answer. I am new at this and I would have thought that there would be a way to find what a judge found wrong but I understand you answer and will happily abide by AACA rules. Thanks, Jim
  5. I just showed my Lincoln Mark V at Charlotte and won 1st Junior. How can I find out my score and what was wrong so I can improve for my first Senior? Thanks, Jim
  6. Thank you very much for the help. Have a great day! Best, Jim
  7. I have a 77 Mark V with 402 miles on it and I want to put a battery in it as close to original equipment as possible. Any ideas on where to find one? My Lincoln dealer can only get maintenance free which is the wrong type for 77 Thanks, Jim
  8. I have a 77 Mark V with 402 miles. The battery has been replaced and I want to put the most original battery I can find in it. I am not sure if it had a maintenance free or filler type. The size was 24F (I think) Did it have motor craft on it? Any info you have would be appreciated to includ where I could find one. Thanks, Jim
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