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  1. A word of advice. On the vent tube that hangs from the valve cover. Get a piece of window screen and a clamp and clamp it over the end. Why you ask, to keep the creepy crawlies out. Mice love to climb up in those valve banks and raise all kinds of problems.
  2. Did you try CPR, California Pontiac Restoration? I had a starter I thought was bad so I called them and they had a really nice one for around $115. By the time it got to me, about 4 days, I had figured out what was wrong with the old one, no ground to motor, duh!!!!! Is that motor going to be stock? If you plan to increase the compression you will need to increase the torque on the head bolts. Mine are at 75 ft lbs.
  3. I had a heck of time finding head bolts for my L6. Went with cap head bolts instead and they are working fine. Check Fastenal.
  4. Borg and Beck pressure plate, what is the height of the throw out bearing? Anybody know, I am thinking it is 1.875 but it seems to have no clearance to the pressure plate. I am assuming it should have 1/16 to 1/8 play. all help will be appreciated. Thanks,
  5. I have a 38 GMC running the original Pontiac motor. I think that is way cooler than a 38 Pontiac with a Pontiac motor. For most people the GMC with the Pontiac motor is a real surprise, particularly when they find out it came that way from the factory.
  6. After 50 or more years and after 3 years for me it is finally running. Sound is bad and please ignore my rear as my video person was a little lame and it was shot with my blackberry. Open exhaust so it is loud. This was the first start so timing needed to be tweaked. It will idle now. It is running on just one carb in the vid, the second will need to be dialed in in the next few weeks. Enjoy
  7. Got it sorted. Needed to add oil to the oil pump in order to prime it. Showed 25 -30 psi when cranking. More importantly, after a 12 hour day of fooling around, I got her started. Here is the vid. Ignore my butt as my wife decided I should be the center of attention instead of the motor. Shot with a blackberry so sound is rough. Also this is with an open header so it is loud and obnoxious.
  8. So where do you attach the oil pressure gauge? I assume it is near the oil pump along the rail with the four small npt plugs in it? I have yet to start the motor but have cranked it over with a new gauge attached and am getting no oil pressure, in fact not seeing any oil at all in the line. any help would be appreciated.
  9. If you can find one I can't imagine why it wouldn't work. As long as it is no taller than the original it should be fine, depth also needs to be considered.
  10. The NAPA part is too small although they say it will work, it does not. The original thermostat was much different, taller, and generally larger. As I cannot use the original water neck due to clearance issues I am using a SBC water neck, which bolts up, and have invented an adapter plate that will allow the use of a more modern thermostat. Doing this requires two gaskets, one original between head and adapter plate and one SBC between adapter plate and water neck. Also, the original thermostat cannot be used with anything but the original water neck as it sticks up inside it quite a ways. The adapter plate could also be used with the original water neck but allow the use of a modern, cheaper and easier to find, thermostat.
  11. Pontiac 1953, I had forgotten that Fenton had purchased them, however, I did here that much of his product was later melted down.
  12. The carbs are Stromberg 97's. The intake is an original Edmunds Custom part. I am fairly sure I have the only one. He made a few of them but they were melted down after he died by the government who he owed money to. I was lucky to find it and it was pretty dear. The exhaust manifold is original but I will be changing it out later this year once I get the new one completed. The distributor is original but I had it rebuilt and eliminated the points, looks stock but it is actually HEI.
  13. Thanks for the part number I will go over to Napa tomorrow.
  14. Not a Pontiac body but it is the only year of truck that GMC put a Pontiac motor in. Motor has just been rebuilt but not yet started, hopefully this month.
  15. Anyone know what fan belt to run on my 38 pontiac L6???? Dimensions or part number or something??? Thanks in advance.
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