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  1. Hi, I recently purchased a 79 Riviera S-Type with a 3.8 turbo. There is a exhaust leak from the exhaust pipe that connects to the bottom of the turbocharger. I went to a muffler shop and they wouldn't touch it. It's extremely hard to reach from the bottom; you can barely see it, less get to it. Today I went to a Buick dealership and they don't want to work on exhaust issues. Any ideas on how I can proceed? Has anyone else had this problem? What will it take to get to this problem and fix it? Thanks, Mike :confused:
  2. Hi, Thanks for the information. I will only be able to use the 37 fenders and mounts. Mike
  3. Hi, Thanks for all of the feedback. I have found that the mounts will not fit on the 37 without modifications. I spoke with Dave a few days ago and he confirmed this. Sorry for the delayed response. Mike
  4. Hi, Does anyone know what year and model fender side mounts will fit on the 1937 Buick Special. Are they the same for all models or specific to the Special and what years? Also, I am looking to purchase side mounts and covers for the 1937 buick special.
  5. Hi, Will the 38' century side mount fenders fit a 37 buick special? Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, Do you know if these will fit on my 1937 Buick Special? Thanks, Mike:confused:
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