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  1. SmarT

    1929 Packard woes

    That's fantastic information! I will definitely take a look at the tank. The previous owners installed an electric fuel pump on it. It's my first time dealing with a sealed fuel system like this but I'm usually pretty good at figuring out how something works by carefully taking it apart.
  2. SmarT

    1929 Packard woes

    Thank you for the information. I'll give it a look over and see what I turn up.
  3. SmarT

    1929 Packard woes

    Thanks for the reply. By choke out I mean dashboard choke knob pulled out. So I need to remove the fuel pump and inspect inside it? I just got a manual downloaded today. I'll dig around in there for the fuel pump section.
  4. Hello all. I am currently working on a 1929 Packard 633. It's supposed to be a full resto but I've already run into incorrect items. To name one, the dashboard choke control was hooked up to the carb backwards so when it was pulled out the choke was open. It seems to start right up every time with the throttle about 3/4 up on the steering and the choke fully out but to keep it running I have to quickly close the choke. It won't idle very well unless the idle is set high (usually a little over half-way up). When the choke is closed it automatically puffs out black smoke but ceases as soon as the choke is opened again. It will hardly run with the choke out unless the throttle is very high. Although, even when the engine is warmed up plenty and you turn it off it will not start again unless the choke is out and throttle high. I've removed and completely cleaned the carb and I have cleaned the plugs and points and fuel bowl. Does anybody have any ideas? If I need to provide more info please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  5. The clips for the exterior trim. One of the pieces below the far rear passenger side window has come off.
  6. Anybody reliable have some clips? Or is there any other trim clips that work just as good that are more readily available? Thanks
  7. Hello all. I just recently acquired a 41 Studebaker Champion. I'm in need of a few parts so far that I can see right off. I have been looking other places but I also wanted to check here. A piece of the exterior chrome trim has fallen off due to four broken clips. Anyone know where I can find four clips or any clip that will do the job? These clips seem unique. Also, the passenger side grille has damage to it. Anyone have one I can buy? I attached a picture of it with my jeep. Thank you for any help!
  8. Hello all. What is the tire size for a 1936 Buick Century? Replacing the interior in these is quite pricey, isn't it?
  9. I didn't even notice that little tid bit till after I posted it. Sorry. I did mean the tire size for the Master. Thank you both for the information and time. I will head over to your site.
  10. Hello all. Can someone give me a rough estimate of what it would cost to redo the interior of a 1934 Chevy if the interior is all there and the wood is in good shape? Thank you. Also, what is the standard tire size? 550-17?
  11. Good to know, thanks very much.
  12. Thanks very much for all the input everyone. I have been looking for the right shape sedan to make into a ww2 US Army staff car and I think this would be a good one to start with. The thing with a staff car is that ALL the chrome is painted over so I don't have to worry about redoing that. The paint is just a flat olive drab so that should cost a bit less than a high gloss, clear-coated black. The real kicker, like you all said, would still be the interior and wiring. Can anyone tell me a rough estimate of what the interior and roof would cost? The roof is rotted away.
  13. My apologies for not posting photos and clarifying the model.
  14. Hello all. I'm looking at a Super 8 for sale and I wanted to see if you all could help me decide on a price to offer. Here are the issues with it: -it runs and drives, but has a leak in the gas tank and the inside of the tank is unknown as whether it's rusted or not -interior is shot, roof is gone and back seat is gone completely -big dent in rear driver side top corner and dent in front driver side fender -all chrome needs redone -was in a barn for many, many years so just the usual items from sitting so long -brake pedal doesn't return, but brakes work so so -lots of surface rust and a repaint is a must -not all gauges work -hood ornament gone -glass looks foggy -rubber on running boards needs replacement good things: -has both spare tire covers -has all hubcaps -has rack on back -radiator was gone through 20 years ago and tires and brakes and some engine work were done 20 years ago and has been driven around lightly since -has title -horn works I don't deal with Packards enough to know what to offer. Would $5,000 be a good offer? It just looks like most everything needs a go-through, but since it's a Super 8 it would be a good investment, yes? Thank you for your thoughts. I want to make an offer within the next week so any help is appreciated.
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