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  1. Fella's, I wanted to throw out there again that I have two items for sale. I have a beautiful rechromed Dual Quad Air Cleaner for the Wildcats! And a NOS TailPanel / Tail pan for the 1963 / 1964 Riv's. The Air Cleaner is in beautiful condition, underneath looks terrific, inside looks terrific also. The reflection on the chrome is Super!! Acorn nut, Decal, etc...Your ready to mount and go! It is on Ebay now...If your interested...Bid Accordingly....and keep in mind the headache of finding a nice clean candidate for rechroming, and then the cost of rechroming! This one is already to go! The snorkles look great! Check it out. Also, I had (2) original NOS 1963 / 1964 Sheetmetal Tail Pans. I had collected these over the years and had honestly only seen the 2 I had. Never came across more, never seen any since! I have (1) left....the other one will be in the midwest soon! It also is on eBay....this is a correct fit and when you place it up to your current tailpan you will think...RIGHT ON! It's really a must have if you need one...forget hunting down potential donors. They are both on ebay....I will package them up with care. I would love to keep these and hang onto them...They are not being reproduced as you know and the value only goes up from here. I just need to keep my other projects moving along! I feel the reserves on Ebay are set low enough to still feel you got a deal...I know what I gave for them and I feel this is fair. Thank-you, Kevin 919-333-1045 Thank
  2. Guys, I have parts I'm looking to sell. -A really nice '64 Dual Quad intake (No stripped threads) again, very nice condition. -A Beautifully rechromed Dual Quad 65-66 Air Cleaner, Extremely nice, Acorn Nut, Show Quality, non California emmissions...meaning one less hole in the side! Ready to bolt onto your show car -64/66 Wood Grain Steering wheel with original horn bar....The horn bar IS NOT BROKEN! The wheel has two tiny hairline splits. I do not have a center button. - Eelco Polished ribbed Valley pan, NEW - NOS, BRAND NEW NEVER INSTALLED 63-64 Tail Panel...NOS...A needle in a haystack! Have fun finding that piece in original sheet metal! I tear up just thinking about it! - 63/64 hood, Very nice, No rust thru...Really nice and straight/Solid -New Windshield, never installed -63 / 64 Front fenders, both sides, Just sanded to bare metal, hanging in my garage, sanded them last week, they are Terrific...I have never seen metal this nice - 63 Trunk lid, Perfect, no rust or damage, sanded down also - 63 / 64 door skins, both sides....Terrific Condition - 401 Motor and Dynaflow...Both are in Terrific order and run and operate super - 63 / 64 / 65 Gas Tank....Very Nice Original Condition...No rust, small/slight dent on bottom, easy to restore in a day, spray and put on! - Lots and Lots of miscellaneous parts I've collected over the years. You could build a car easy. I have a '63 car....stripped down, clean title..pretty solid. Shoot me a call or email, kevkinmann@yahoo.com or call me at 919-333-1045 Thank-you, Kevin
  3. The letters are not threaded on the studs. The best I can describe is they push into the holes, each tiny small hole is square, surrounding the square hole is a small metal square fitting that catches onto the stud. I just got done removing mine sevral weeks ago. The small fittings sometimes may fall into the actual trunk lid and there is no access panel to retrieve them. I would probably best recommend finding a parts car, or asking the board if anyone is selling them. I couldnt imagine someone would want more than a few bucks. As for how to buy new....you may want to call Cars, Inc in New Jersey. Hope this helps....Good luck!
  4. I apologize if I sounded harsh... Trust me, 1 of those you have I gladly buy, i understand that they are few and far between and thankfully you had taken to the task of reproducing them. Again, thank-you! I sincerely mean that!
  5. Ease up... I didn't say I wasn't going to buy one, I said I was going to hold out. Thankfully I held out 1 week on the wheel, I was looking at a wheel on eBay with no center cap, no horn bar and splits. I searched "all Craigslist" found my wheel with an original non broke hornbar and no splits for $130 and he shipped it to me for another $10. Again, Thankfully, that gave me a little more coin to put towards my absolutely perfect rechromed dual quad air cleaner I bought from Nelson in Hialeah, Fl last week. I really don't think a restoration suffers from proceeding with caution and reserve while part hunting. I'm sure I'll be knocking on his door in the next few weeks, but if something else comes up a little cheaper and of BETTER or same quality, well I would have to be rich to pass it up! And I'm just a working class hero! I hope I'm worthy of a Riviera... Only time and pics will tell!
  6. Yeah.... I called him, 3 Benjamin's, 1 Jefferson, and 1 Lincoln will get ya 1! Gonna hold out. My project is just getting under way! I could buy a steering wheel on eBay for that, get the cap from it and put it back on eBay as just the wheel!
  7. Rob, If you have the link for the repop's, please post it. I'm definitely interested. I had p/m'd a guy on here who sells hornbars and center caps, but no luck yet. Thanks, Kevin
  8. Hello, I'm needing a Center Cap "R" for my wood steering wheel. i will consider any condition if the price is reasonable. Thank-you, Kevin
  9. Rob, Great post/great pics! keep them coming! It really fuels all of our fires! I'm kicking myself for missing this jewel in my home town : ( Your doing this car GREAT justice! Take care, Kevin
  10. I would like to take a moment out as a member of the ROA and this forum and say ....I absolutely LOVE being a part of the ROA and being active on this forum! I normally dont speak for others, but coming from a member, I feel I can say with confidence that being a member of the ROA for the past 2 years makes it a heck of alot more funner and interesting! Recieving the magazine, the tech support, putting faces with names with features in the magazines we recieve bi-monthly makes it all the better! What fun would our hobby be if we did'nt have the ROA? Sure we would be able to drive our Rivieras, work on our Rivieras, show our Rivieras, etc....But man....to have hundreds of others that share the love of the hobby and chat endlessly about it! If I was stuck talking to my wife about Rivieras, I might just as well give up. Keep doing what your doing ROA, I am more than thankful and will gladly pay my dues year after year! The challenge of running the Association I'm sure is exhausting...But, please have piece of mind in knowing we need you! I for one second, will not doubt your words, I will continue to encourage anyone with a Riviera to join the ROA! Best Regards and Thank-you! Kevin Kinmann-North Carolina!
  11. Rob, I have purchased 2 wood wheels in the past that have had stress splits and have even separated. Im a wood refinisher by trade and moonlight on the side. If you have one that needs refinished, call a couple furniture repair refinishing companies in your community. There is an art to everything so I would not try to tackle yourself. However, if you do, I'd recommend Mohawk products. If your going to try to tackle yourself, private message me and I will help out with instructions, but like anything else, by the time you spend $100-$150 on Product and trial... Pay someone $300 for it to be perfect! Either way...let me know! Kevin
  12. I'm retry sure there gone.... Call him up, have him shoot you pics. The door skins are rotted, I'm sure the floors are no better.
  13. Hey Guys, I like to forward along what I find out there in my searches for sale. Unfortunately....this is a mess of a find. A fellow has a GS (?) for sale....completely gutted besides rearend and motor. It looks like it was tapped in the rear because the body in the quarters is bowing. He feels because he has a title and VIN #'s its worth $2000. It's worth scrap to me once the rear if it is posi and maybe the KX coded motor, if it's KX is gone. Either way, you may be able to buy parts. He likes to sell parts....It has been extensively stripped. His # is 301-672-1000. He o.k.'d me posting his # and encourages calls. I will pass! Thanks, Kevin
  14. I have a question, you're responses are much appreciated. On the '65 Riv, Im buying a wood grain steering wheel, the column has a wiring harness leading to the steering wheel with 6 wires. The guy sent me a few pics and I can't figure what the go to, he doesn't know either. I'm putting this wheel on my 63, any help is appreciated. Thank-you, Kevin
  15. Does anyone know on a '65 steering column, what the wiring harness going to the wheel is for? Roughly 6 wires on this harness. Thank-you
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