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  1. Thanks Rusty. That's what I like to hear, I know the hood has been kept closed but as far as the air filter I'm not sure. Hopefully a little tuning up will get it back running. Also thanks for the note on the left handed threads, I did not know that, glad I was advised.
  2. Thanks to all for the input. I have a manual on the way and plan on picking up the car this weekend. I will upload some pictures soon. I know I will have questions once I get started, so I look foward to the help. Until then all suggestions are welcome. My plan is to get it running before anything else, although the headliner has to come down first. I'm sure an engine and transmission rebuild are in store. First question is about engine rust, what should be done? Have it dipped, elbow grease and time, or certain chemicals that will aid in this. Again, I'm not wanting show room quality, just want it looking presentable. I know this depends on each persons perspective, so I'm listening to every one.
  3. Hello to everyone out there. I am new to this forum and new to car restoration. I have always wanted a classic car to restore and have decieded that now is the time to start. I recently purchased a 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe. The car has been sitting in a field at an area car museum for 40 years and its shows. I have stopped several times looking at the cars there for sale and have always been intimidated by the vehicles condition. But I convinced my self to seriouly look and find something that is workable. The car I bought is all orginal with only 33,000 on the odometer. From the outside, the body is rusty but all the chrome and stainless is there, orginal tires, hubcaps, glass, with 2 minor dents in the front passenger fender. The motor is the orginal 6, but hasnt been touched since it was parked and I was told it is stuck. The interior is still all there but needs replaced, headliner is falling down, seats are torn etc. Needles to say I paid $700 for this. Now whether it was a good buy or not only I will know. My plan is to make this a weekend driver that runs great and looks good. Im not looking to win an award for this car. Anyways any suggestions, comments, hints, ideas would be great. Thanks