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  1. I am in need of a drivers window regulator for a 1928 Buick Country Club Coupe or one from another year/model that will work. Or maybe someone can repair mine? The small gear is turning on the crank shaft. Thanks.
  2. Thank you but I have found one from Hagens Hiway auto parts. I should have posted but neglected to do so. I will keep them in mind for other parts that i may need.
  3. Hi fred, My car is a standard. It's the 114.5 wheel base. A I need push rod springs and all the inner and outer springs for the valves. Having trouble locating a timing gear. It's the fiber one that goes on cam shaft. 54 tooth, 1 1/16" shaft size. Below are a couple of links to pics of the gear. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/92559/100_3322.jpg?t=1303663308 The other side. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/92559/100_3321.jpg?t=1303663350 Any help much appreciated.
  4. Did you ever find it? I'm looking too. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Looking for the timing gear for the cam shaft. 54 tooth, 1 1/16" shaft, 6 3/8" diameter. Here's a couple of pictures. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/92559/100_3322.jpg?t=1303299407 The other side. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/92559/100_3321.jpg?t=1303304122 Thank you.
  6. hahaha...never mind. It came in seconds after I posted!
  7. John, Took your advice, requested permission to join the Yahoo group you mentioned. Been almost a week with no response. Is that normal? Seems kinda weird to me that the administrator has to "approve" you.
  8. Kaycee, Am not doing a full restore, only going over the drive train. Only exterior or interior thing I'll change is the top as it is getting real dry rotted. The original interior is quite nice. At this point the motor is dis assembled, a parts list made up and I have found pretty much all the engine parts I need. Again many, many thanks to everyone for being so helpful. Without you guys I would have never found so much info in such little time.
  9. It is a 28 26S. You guys were right on. Thank you. And many thanks to those who were so helpful with parts info. Took a lot of time but I've found almost everything the car will need. John....told my Dad how many are left. He was really happy to hear that. Dad and his siblings learned how to drive with that car but at the time there were probably more. Dad told me the pinion gear went out of it in the mid 50's and he found a complete car in a local junk yard. He should have bought the whole car!
  10. My car was loved for sure. It was the only car my Great Grandfather ever owned. I recall him tinkering with it from time to time but by the early 60's he was getting too old to drive so it was parked in '61 or '62.
  11. Oh don't worry John. I'll take care of it. Have admired/treasured this car since I was 4 or 5 and have been waiting many years for the opportunity to get it running/drive it. I also need to get my picture taken in it in front of an old mill on the family farm in the same pose as my Great Grandfather's C.1935 pose. 1 of 18. Hard to believe thats all thats left.
  12. Yes sir. That describes it well. Thanks John. I'll check the tag once back in town. Over 13,000 built. I guess many went to the crusher. :>/
  13. Great. So it's a Standard 26S. I'll get it straight sooner or later! Thanks. :>)
  14. This one has a rumble seat and the little side door just in front of the passenger side rear fender. I don't think its the same one mentioned in the article. I know my great Grandfather always called it a Country Club coupe although my Dad said the original title said Sports Coupe. Also I don't plan on painting anything. Only exterior item I'm messing with is the top. I would love to leave it original but it's too far gone to save. Decided on keeping it completely original because it's only original once and I am a rat rod type guy. Your car looks great! Am starting to appreciate what it takes to get a car looking like that! Just noticed your car has the correct radiator cap. I bought one for my car. Adds too much to the overall appearance to be left out.
  15. Ah...then it would be a Master 26S I think. It's got a rumble seat so wouldn't that qualify it as a 4 seater?
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