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  1. I have a 1925 willys knight for sale on ebay under cars and trucks i would like to see it go to a collecter or a restorer if you are interested me contact me at 765-238-2651
  2. Sir I have a 1925 willys knight that is in unbelivable condition it can be seen on ebay under willys knight cars and trucks if you or any one that you know of would be interested in her call me at 765-238-2651 I would like to see it restored rather than some hot rod shop cut her up
  3. I have a 1925 Willys Knight with the overland 4 cylinder engine it has a original 36 thousand miles it is a 100 percent car with no damage except the engine is stuck I have put it on Ebay under cars and trucks Willys Knight I would like to see this car go to a good home and not cut up. The man i got it from had it for 65 years 765-238-2651 Dunnebuggy010@yahoo.com The auction is for only 3 more days
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