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  1. Im BACK and ready to start doing some work on this project!
  2. Thanks for the quick response, I will try to get a bearing puller tool locally. This is my spare rear end so Im not too worried about breaking the bearings but Id prefer to keep them intact. Will post pic and updates in my build thread Thanks
  3. So I am trying to get the rear end ready for media blasting, I have removed all the internals from the rear end. The only thing that is left are the wheel bearings, I got the seals out but I have no idea how to get the bearings out and I dont want to blast with them in there and ruin them. Any ideas or suggestions for removing the real bearings from my 55 century? Thanks
  4. I have one of those fancy new cellular telephone with camera and flash, so it makes it easier than getting the big camera dirty.
  5. That first cream and wood grain car is amazing, and is a dream car to own. I am kinda young for these here parts, only 25. But I love the style.
  6. Start of the day And then Ended up with this Cut off the bracket for the old skinny tubes, to be replaced with some truck trailing arms in the future. Front from the donor car. Next step is to convert the rear to open driveline. Then starting putting stuff together. Picked up a pair of chevy truck trailing arms on ebay for 133 bucks shipped. Looks like its slowly coming together.
  7. Well, it took me 6 months to get rid of an entire 1955 century totally dismantled, every useable part taken off, cut to shreds and hauled away. Now its time to actually put the car back together. I usually notice my time is taken up by drinking beers and kickin the bs with my friends who keep me company while I work.
  8. I have rear glass out of a 55 century for sale. let me know if you still need it.
  9. All the brake lines I took off Painted the MC/BB Pulled the harness, it looks pretty good, but there were extra wires added by the previous owner to the rear taillights and to the fuel pump. Going to have to go over the whole thing and maybe rewire it. Cracked the windshield while I was removing it. It had a big white spot on the passenger side between the two layers of glass and I was planning on getting a new one anyway. But I am damn pissed I broke it, I had removed two rear windows with no problems! Looked inside the rear, looks clean.
  10. I would love to see the pix and videos of your rebuild. Thanks
  11. I am in the process of rebuilding the same cylinder for my 55 century. Do you still use a Master Brake cylinder with this set up? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I guess i will have to rebuild my master cylinder from my other 55 and also connect it? Should I be using both the master cylinder and a brake booster? Because the pedal assembly on both buicks is different at the pivot points and attachment locations.
  13. This is the master brake cylinder that came from my 55 buick century sedan. Now this looks nothing like the one from the factory manual. It seems to have been working before I took it apart. Any ideas on what it is, and what should I do to rebuild it? Thanks
  14. Lifted! This does not look like the factory master clutch to me.
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