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  1. Thank you both for your help on this. It does seem to match the 1915 Oldsmobile pretty well. I wish I could get access to their tax records and it probably would have the purchase information. In any case much obliged. Now I need to see if I can find a picture of the Pierce Arrow they were selling. Interesting that in 1921 they had multiple cars. David
  2. Boy it is a tough call for me - I found this image of a 1915 oldsmobile. Any characteristic which would make it definitive?
  3. Hmm which model would you think it is? I figured since I found an ad from my family selling a Pierce Arrow in 1921 I thought it would be this car. See attached ad. Thanks for your help in this.
  4. I have an old photo of what I believe is a Pierce Arrow touring car. I know it was sold out of the family in 1921, found the ad, so think it might be a 1920 or 1918. Can any one confirm the year and provide a more current photo of this model? I noted the headlight appears to have been mounted on the windshield? Anyways thanks in advance. David
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