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  1. They are 71, It was suggested to find mid 70`s Monte Carlo seat backs but not sure if it`s a match...i asked about re-painting but they also said that it would still crumble and scratch off easy..and it`s not just the seat backs but the pillar covers and rear lower panels as well...have not found any one who re-pops this stuff
  2. Mine have turned yellow and are crumbling...the upholstery shop said they are hard to re-cover....any suggestions?
  3. Have not seen that till now....other than the 20`s and painted bumpers...I like it
  4. It`s the auto one with the temp dial
  5. Ok, I`m no mechanic and this is the first old car Ive owned with working AC, I also had the climate control unit rebuilt but my question is with the car running and the heat on should the compressor be running? I also noticed the metal pipes running from the ( evaporater?) to the back of the compressor turning white ( its freezing cold) Seems odd when i`m just running it with the heat on.
  6. I own a 71 AND live in Raleigh, us local guys should get together sometime.
  7. Just the fenders, got them from a scrapyard in texas and were a bit rough but perfect for what I needed them for.
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