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  1. There is a local boneyard that has a few first gen cars. I think they are all 63's.Some still have engines, the nicest was a running car, from what I recall. If your interested pm me and i'll try and get more info.
  2. Guessing thats how that happened as well. I got them that way.Enough that you can see it, I don't think they all have them. there is a slight crack in one from that.
  3. Added some more to this post
  6. I'll have to check the back for 5.5 or 6. I think 3 don't have black one does all studs there, one has small crack other 3 small bends etc, driver quality but all parts, stainless hubs are nice, centers ok. Figured out how to attach
  7. Complete set of turbine hubcaps, centers,spinners plus 1 extra spinner driver, but all there $500.00 Complete set basic hubcaps, good shape $100.00 Complete set driver quality hubcaps $75.00 May be able to deliver to ROA Intl. in St. Charles,IL. PM for pics
  8. Have pics of everything, PM if needed. 63 64 speedo, bezels,gauge bezels, bezel no glass,idiot light face,speedos,power window switches,power seat switch,door rubber electrical conduit,radio knobs,cigarette lighter,turn signal lever,heater control panels,Riveria script emblems,tailight lenses, other stuff I forgot . '63 Dash cluster$25.00 Dash clock $50.00 ac vent $50.00 ac vent $35.00 felt loose
  9. Sold my Riv few years ago, left over part collection. May be able to deliver to ROA Intl. show St. Charles,IL. Tried to price fair , all things OBO, let me know if something is out of line, Grill extensions 1 rh 1 lh $75.00 each 1 rh, slight damage to corner $50.00 Turn signal grill $45.00 '63 center console $150 2 Front turn signal lenses $75.00 each good shape 1 Driver $40.00 Have 4 turn signal lenses covers 3 good(only 2 shown) $20.00 each 1 Looks to have some overspray, (shown) $15.00 Turn signal housings $75.00 Each
  10. I usually use 0000 for polishing, the 000 didn't break down so fast when trying to remove the paint. Agreed 0000 for non-paint use.
  11. I did try to mask the front and sprat from behind. It didn't cover everything you could see from the front. I had to go back , shoot from the front, and clean off the chrome edges with some 000 steel wool. I guess argent silver is the correct color, according to a known Riv restorer on the site. I used a flat silver engine paint and it worked well. I didn't try the acid wash process, but mine had over spray from the previous owners paint job. Need to cover that up. HTH's Todd
  12. I guess I thought the rebuild route was not an option, hence the conversion kit.I have no problem doing the rebuild, if the kits are available. I know that the diaphram/piston do have some issues, but I'd think they would hold up for a decent period of time.I'll have to research the rebuild kits. I know replacement diaphrams are availble.I'd rather have it operate as it was designed, for the reasons you mentioned above. If the weather stays like it has , any air would be nice. Thanks, Todd
  13. Ok, Looks like the block off plate is easy.Then you ned to mount switch and wiring.What is the gasket and seal for, o-rings/ Are these the replacement ones for the system? thanks, Todd