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  1. I've decided to finally sell my 1940 Willys Sedan Deluxe. I'm located in northern North Dakota. I'm up for offers and if more pictures are needed let me know. Thanks for looking.
  2. I still have it, it's on blocks right now. I haven't really tried to sell it, kind of forgot about it honestly.
  3. I'm in no hurry to do anything with the car. I'll have to check over the car more closely to see how bad it is and if its too far out of my skill level I'll get rid of it and pass it on to someone that can. It seems like a rare care that I'm gonna restore it if I keep it, but it looks like parts are gonna be expensive and alot of custom stuff. I do have a milling machine and a turning lathe, so if I do need to make some parts I can as long as their not to extreme. can someone help clarify whats the difference between a regular and deluxe, I've notice the hump in the trunk, is there anything else?
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Sad part is the owner said the interior was in good shape until 3 years ago someone shot out the windows and he did nothing to fix it. The motor is free, but in no where near running condition. Its been parked for over 40 years. This would be my first hot rod if I was to rod it, I have restored 2 Model A Sedans and a Studebaker Lark but they were mostly complete. For restoration I think it might be over my head, and parts seem expensive and hard to come by. Theres not very much cancer, but where there is its at some very tough curves. So i'm up in the air about what to do about it.
  5. Thanks for the info! So is the model a Sedan Deluxe? I've been thinking about turning it into a resto rod, unless its a very rare car, then I'd rather see it go to a collector.
  6. Sorry for the crappy pictures, but could someone help identify this Willys. I got told if I haul it away I can have it. I'm assuming early 40's because of the front end. The only identification for model I can find is Deluxe on the dashboard. Its a 4 door model. If more pics are needed, let me know what to take a picture of to help identify.
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