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  1. Yo Tom, It's Tony G from LOng island- we spoke about 2 months ago on your rstoration- how's it going ???!! Re: 1914 Overland speedster Can anyone out there help out with the correct thread size for the grease cups on my 1914 Overland?? The manual says 5/16 -32 thread- does this still exist today for a replacement or special order from some resource? Can't find a grease fitting or grease cup anywhere that size. I'm confused by actual thread size and pipe thread- Help!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for quick reply. Parts I am looking for: Grease cups- 5/16 , I need at least 5 of them needed Clutch Cone assembly which bolts to the flywheel and entire throwout assembly Steering Box transaxle- needed for parts transmission- needed for parts any steering linkage parts Front Wheel spindle/ control arm wood wheel 25 inch with hubs attached need (2) metal caps that secures the radiator bars down on the chassis on each side also- Any engine parts for a model 83- I need lifters / valves and cooling tubes/ and exhaust manifoolds (both halfs). I saw your metal wheels in a (4) set - are they
  3. neil, Not sure if you got my last message- I'm here in NYC-LOng island. I am restoring 1914 Overland model 79- need some parts- what do you have left- don't know how old your listing is? Need engine parts, and chassis parts, wheels, lock rings, etc, steering box, transaxle, u joint, clutch cone assembly My number is 917-669-9072, Tony garofalo
  4. These cars are project cars, to say the least- i own a 1914 Model 79- I have resourced parts over the past 4 years, and am still not done yet. Replacement parts are nowhere to be found, and EVERYTHING has to be fabricated, that you cannot find through research. I would say, if you don't have alot of time to make this commttment in both building, finding parts, and assembling, then forget the entire idea and possibly retract the bid while you still can, if not already. If you go ahead and make the committment, then it will be very rewarding- it's your choice and good luck in your endeavor!!!
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