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  1. Oh yeah, the spoiler is 3Med on, as to not damage the trunk.
  2. I would not be afraid to drive this car anywhere. It runs really nice. It has a little shake under hard acceleration due to the passenger side CV starting to go bad but its not clicking or making any noise. I might try to put another one in this week though. Im not sure on price. Kinda looking for offers. Shoot me a number. The worst I can say is no. Thanks, Joe
  3. Its a 91 on the title. Just inspected about 3 weeks ago. Exhaust is good. A/C does not have a belt on it but I put a good used compressor on it. Parts of it have been repainted and it looks good but you can see some differences in color in some spots. The top latches work manually but I didn't end up gettin the pull down motor. Tranny was rebuilt at 90,000 miles. Thanks for asking! Joe
  4. I have a 91 TC that I did a bunch of work to. Its very reliable and is a real nice ride. Its not perfect and its not a show car, but it could be with a little more work. No rust, nice straight body, both tops. Many new parts. Make me an offer and e-mail me for more details. I have many pics. Thanks for looking, Joe
  5. I need the tweeter cover up on the dash for the passenger side. Such a small peice and its so hard to find. Any one have an extra?
  6. Got any prices for me? Im trying to keep the costs down. Still have a little paint work to do.
  7. Took your advise on the cutting the wire and of course that worked perfectly!! Thanks!! I knew it had to be something simple!!
  8. Hi, I have a list of things I need. I would like to buy used stuff from a part out car as to keep costs down. I need a trunk lock cylinder and motor, Center tail light, Top pull down motor, passenger side rear 1/4 window rubber seal, Drivers side rear wheel well moulding, Center seat control button, Passenger tweeter speaker cover on dash, and shifter button. Thanks!!
  9. I would definately join the club if I were keeping the car. If I cut that wire will I still have working cruise control?
  10. Thanks, I'm not really interested in joining the club because I am going to be selling this car soon. I just got it because the person that owned it was going to cut it up and part it out but I bought it instead so I could fix it up to its previous glory. Its pretty nice but was being used as a daily driver and seems to have been neglected pretty bad. That being said, I dont think there is a problem with the tranny itself, I noticed driving it today that if you hit the brake at any time while driving at speed, it shifts gears. So if I'm in overdrive and I hit the brakes, it will shift down
  11. So basically this forum is worthless...No wonder there were so many TC's turned in for cash for clunkers, cause other TC owners want you to pay them for advice.
  12. The car has 116,000 on it and Im not sure if the tranny has been replaced.
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