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  1. Hi , I have a 1955 Hudson Rambler 4 door cross country custom station wagon that i'm restoring and i need a windscreen rubber and 1/4 light rubbers , does any one here know where i can get some, Thanks for your help Wayne
  2. Thanks for the pics Frenchy and the link Peecher , The wiring makes sense , my zephyr is a long way off yet but these threads will help lots of others too , Thanks everyone ! Wayne And nice roadster Frenchy !!
  3. Hi Frenchy , how do you get hold of Skip ? has he got a website or email address ? I see you're into VWs too , here's a video of mine if you're interested Cheers Wayne ‪Mental Breakdowns' first outing‬‏ - YouTube
  4. Hi Mike , most of the 6 volt equipment on my Zephyr is toast, it hasn't been used since about 1970 , the loom is rotten which isn't a problem as i'll make one , I started the zephyr a couple of weeks ago and it sounded like it was only going on 6 ,one of the coils looks to be cracked and an electrode is missing , i'm thinking of making mine 12 volt for parts availability and reliability as i use my old cars a lot , the car isn't really good enough to keep 100% original ,also i'm changing it from a 4 door sedan to a coupe (i build cars for a living) I'm going to use as much of the original steel as i can and i will lead load all the seems etc , My zephyr has been in England for about 16 years and no one has really given it any love until now, I'll post some pics when i start rearranging it , I'm near Stratford upon Avon where abouts are you ? My daytime phone number is 01789 450001 Cheers Wayne
  5. Hi Mike, i'm in England too ! I want to convert mine to 12 volt , are the 12v coils still available ? if not i'm thinking of machining and adaptor and shortening a jag V12 distributor and converting to electronic , Cheers Wayne
  6. Thanks for the replies , I understand the cable brakes take more looking after and guessed they may be sort of self energising by the look of them , My Zephyr will get used a fair bit and our roads are pretty busy so i will probably go with the hydraulic conversion for safetys sake, anyone know if '38 and '39 drums are the same size ? Thankyou Wayne
  7. Hi everyone , My '38 zephyr has cable brakes , the cables are toast (so are quite a few other things !) the drums and shoes look good , My question is , is it best to convert to '39 hydraulic stuff ,what is the availability of shoes,wheel cylinders,back plates etc , i take it the drums are the same for 38/39 ? the master cylinder isn't a problem (i build cars for a living ) I want to keep the wide 5 wheels so i don't want to convert to disc , OR are cable brakes good and should i get new cables (if they are available) Thanks for any help Wayne
  8. Have a look at the beading for VW bugs half way down the page, it's smooth finish , you would probably need two rolls for a Zephyr ,it's available in different colours , i'll try to find a company in the USA that sells it Running Boards & Wing Beading
  9. Hi Jim , thanks for the link but I will be making all the panels for my zephyr as it's what i do for a living , also i'm in England and shipping large panels can be expensive , luckily there was enough of the passenger floor to copy all the stamping patten , i might start a build thread if people do that on this forum Thanks again Jim Wayne
  10. You can get rolls of fender beading for VW bugs in different colours if this helps
  11. Hi , My '38 Zephyr came with lots of reciepts of the work it had done from 1941 until 1961 ,it had covered 90,000 miles in that time and i must have around 100 reciepts for all sorts of stuff, Lt Col WP Pinkerton from Kansas City Missouri owned the car during this time and he owned it until he died in 1973 , just wondered if anyone on here knew him , i'm trying to find out if he has any family that might have a picture of him and the car as it now lives here in England (UK) , I got it running last week and it sounded ok , i've started stripping out all the rotten interior trim and i will start making new floors etc soon , Thanks for any help Wayne
  12. Hi Glenn , i'm new on here but i have a friend here in England that casts Aluminium (aluminum !) parts , i'll run it by him and see what he thinks , Cheers Wayne