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  1. very cool! the 425 will smoke the tires stock, with your dual quad injection you won't get left behind!
  2. I kept the car with the original look, but it is modified
  3. great shots, every one of them. Betty at sunset summer in colorado
  4. 57 roady convertible- no brainer on that one, restore it! I wouldn't worry about the coup, unless it has a perfect body it won't be worth restoring.
  5. More horsepower and less weight are obvious, but a 2.73 rear end is a pretty darn high ratio for drag racing. I'll bet the 3.5 will make a huge difference. Surprised you are not going for a 411. I assume you have a 3 speed automatic?
  6. very nice, especially with the weight. Are you into stripping the car down for a run?
  7. I tend to agree that it either doesn't need a rebuild or a fairly minor fresh up. They are not very happy getting towed and that's the main way to ruin them. When they are low on fluid, they won't go and they really are not quick enough to get ruined by a teen messing with the car. The 5K is absolutely absurd, start with an oil change. The rear seal is a likely leaker. Then your old motor mounts will mess with the shift linkage. After all that, if you still have issues then I would first pull it apart and inspect it. If there are obvious problems like metal shavings and broken parts then drop
  8. Portland in July don't have to be a member but its worth it.
  9. Are you taking it to Portland for the nationals?
  10. Excellent! Dual exhaust is a pisser on a 54. I'll be looking for 57 4 door hardtop parts pretty soon if you still have any
  11. The triangulated setup really locks everything in tight. I don't think you have to have a sway bar, are u adding one?
  12. wow, $200 beats the hell out of a new 3K front end!
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