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  1. so if Gates doesn't carry the parts for a 16 V, where do you go to get parts for it?
  2. yes Egads! not a bulb, the whole darn thing. However, with that said it does have one laying in the front seat, but I'm not sure yet whether it fits the car or not. I mean if the Headlight is the worse problem on the car, I think I'll jump for joy
  3. I visited my car yesterday with the spark plug wires and the radiator (both important in starting the car I think) Thank you for the heads up on where to find the spark plugs. The inside still smells like New Leather I can't wait to drive it! I washed it and the paint is in great condition. I'm amazed that body and the interior are in perfect condition. You guys will see it soon. Just need to find a head light
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I've been following your thread on the plugs and I know that on mine the threads were stripped on one of the heads. They put in something, the name is escaping me now but something foil (come on I'm a girl) OK, so more about my TC. My ex-boyfriend bought it new for an investment, it was covered and in a garage until about 7 years ago. He just got tired and didn't really have time to spend working on it. I wanted the car, and it was like a parting gift.... well sort of. Anyway, I can post lot's of pictures, but I think I might want to give it a bath first. It's in great shape, just really dirty. I enjoy reading the threads and I'm learning a lot about my little car.
  5. Gosh is this where I jump in and say I have a 90 16 valve with only 36,000 miles on it that I'm sure has all the parts on it you need.....
  6. I just bought my first TC and I will need a few parts. Thanks for the heads up on Arizona parts. I'm hoping I won't need to many, but the car is 21 years old and hasn't been started in 10 years, so there you go.
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