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  1. BJ - thanks for your response. I have a hand held volt meter, but I just don't know what to hook each probe to as I check things. Hints?
  2. I have a 1970 Jaguar XKE with charging problems. When I start it, it is clear that from the a) red ignition light being on, and the battery gauge, that the car is not charging. I had the alternator rebuilt, replaced the voltage regulator, and cleaned the connections at the battery, and the battery cables to either their ground or the next connection in their line. I still have the same problem - any suggestions what I can look at next??? John in Vegas
  3. Willy - would you sell those pieces, and if so, for how much??? John
  4. I could use a few parts for a 1948 MG TC restore that I'm doing, but most importantly, I could use a complete windshield / windscreen. Anyone have one that I could buy for a reasonable price?
  5. That pedal car is not a Ford Thunderbird, but a '53 or '54 Kaiser Darrin.
  6. Will listen to whatever you have as I am restoring a '48 MG TC. Drop me a line at jptcolehotmail.com Thanks!
  7. Please send me pictures and a price to jptcole@hotmail.com - thanks!
  8. Please give me your phone number as I's like to talk to you about this car - thanks! John in Las Vegas
  9. Looking for MG TC parts, but most need, 1) a 1250cc crank, and 2) a windshield and frame. A good tub would work well also. Let me know - thanks! John
  10. Howdy!!! I'm looking for 1) a working speedometer (up to 120 mph) for a 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider), and 2) a driver's side power window regulator. Let me know - thanks!!! John
  11. I's still be interested in those seats if you still ave them. John (702.493.5824)
  12. I have a top frame structure and clean glass back window for a '90 TC for sale. The top on it is pretty much toast, so you would have to replace that, but the rest looks great. Let me know if you want to make me an offer - I am located in Las Vegas. I have this because a terrific gentlemen in Southern California gave me an outstanding deal on a new top and structure - it looks fantastic on the car!
  13. Good morning, all - I hope the world is treating EVERYONE great today. I am looking for a few parts for my 1990 TC as follows: rear rubber bumper set, a new plastic cord for my power antenna, and some nice cordovan seat covers (especially driver's side), the plastic door base along the bottom of the door jam when the door is open (in tan) - let me know if anyone can help. Also, I get shaking of the steering wheel sometimes at idle - what part(s) can I replace to firm that up? John
  14. Nice looking car - what were you hoping to get for it? Could this make a cross country drive (i.e. to the west coats)?
  15. I have a 1990 Maserati TC with a 3.0L Mitsubishi engine that I just picked up. When it first starts up, it's rough, and feels a bit like it's missing on a cylinder. Once it warms up, it idles fine, but when you accelerate, it again feels like it's missing on a cylinder. Any ideas or thoughts about what it may be? A friend claims it's injector related - I have put in a few injector cleaning liquids and cycled them through to see if there's improvement, but not much better. Any input would be really helpful - thanks! John
  16. Looking for a working power window motor for a 1985 Alf a Spider - drivers side. John
  17. Looking for a decent crankshaft for a 45 - 49 MGTC 1250cc engine - any one out there with one that won;t make me take out a second mortgage to buy it? John
  18. Sorry - the black rubber pieces that snap into the back bumper. As for the power antenna, I'd need the whole unit. Thanks in advance. John
  19. Bob: Many thanks for this information - through your explanation, I am convinced I was approaching it right , and yes, getting as frustrated as anyone could! Thanks much for your help! Regards, John
  20. Do you still have your black soft top and frame available for the TC? John jptcole@hotmail.com Las Vegas, NV
  21. I'll take the rubber set on the back bumper, if still available. Let me know - thanks! John jptcole@hotmail.com Las Vegas, NV
  22. Trying to remove the center console on my 1990 TC - any recommendations for going through all of the craziness would be helpful - thanks in advance! John Las Vegas, NV
  23. Looking for a set of the back bumper pieces for my 1990 TC, as well as an original power antenna, and a nice used convertible top. Just got one of these and can absolutely see the potential of such a nice car! John Las Vegas, NV
  24. Any parts left from this car (if you're parting out)? Interested in a few pieces if you're interested. John Las Vegas, NV
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