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  1. I'm selling many parts from a 1995 Buick Roadmaster with 52000 miles. Parts fit 92 thru 96 Buick Roadmasters. Selling parts for less than half of what salvage yards ask. The car and parts are very clean have always been garaged. I'm located in Broomfield CO. I can ship virtually anywhere at a discounted rate so please check out my ad at: ://denver.craigslist.org/pts/d/50-off-parts-1995-buick/6696224422.html Thanks, Mutt's37Buick
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I'll start with small patches and try to leave panel mostly intact.
  3. I'm finally ready to tackle the rust repair on the bottom of the doors of my 1937 Buick. Like most panels, there are no aftermarket parts, so I need to fabricate. The shape has a large radius leading into a .875" radius near the bottom that leads into a sharp corner and vertical tab (return). The part is further complicated by the gradual curve of the door from front to back. 1) Does anyone have suggestions as to equipment, or process to fabricate this shape? 2) The ends of the doors appear to have a folded over hem that captures the sides. Has anyone fabricated this section and can yo
  4. Thanks for the help. I'll check out marine & boat building suppliers. My original screws are not SS, but SS may be OK. One concern about 18-8 SS (or 304SS) is they are not as strong as carbon steel with Zinc plating. Can anyone share experience 18-8SS screws on their door hinges in a pre-war car? It's also not best to paint SS, so screws that are used in other spots that will be painted would still be best as Zinc plated steel. Thanks, Mutt
  5. Can anyone point me to a source for Slotted Oval Head Machine Screws that are used to attach door hinges on a 1937 Buick Roadmaster. On the original screws, the heads are a little larger diameter than standard oval head machine screws and a sketch is attached. The original heads have an outer diameter of .490" and a standard modern oval head has an OD of .442" to .477". The screws vary with position from about 1.5 to 3.75" in length. Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions. I took the tank to a local radiator shop who cleans and repairs gas tanks. He said it could be done, but based on the amount of repair on the top and amount of gunk in the bottom, he recommended I go a new tank route. Looks like a new 72 Nova tank can be modified to work. As per your suggestions, the good thing about a new tank is I could have the inlet made at a muffler shop and I could MIG weld it in without concern of fire.
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice and information. I have a local radiator shop that says they can clean and repair gas tanks. I'll le you know what they quote.
  8. Thanks very much for your offer. That looks like that foam will would work well. I'll measure the original and see how much I need. I could pay for shipping through Paypal, if you would like. Mutt
  9. My 37 Buick gas tank has rust thru holes on the top. See pictures. There are no direct aftermarket replacements, but I have read a 72 nova tank can be modified by changing the inlet pipe. Can these holes be repaired and if so what would be best method? Thanks
  10. Thanks for your feedback, I'm planning on using larger washers. I was curious what was originally shipped with the cars because I may try to return the washers.
  11. My 37 Roadmaster had a thick rubber seal right where the inlet pipe joins the tank. The picture shows the part after the rusted inlet cover was removed from the trunk. The thick, almost foam like, part probably prevents vibration and acts a sound barrier. 1) I have not seen any aftermarket reproductions of this part and was wondering if anyone else has found one. 2) If not, has anyone every fabricated such a part and what did you use? Thanks
  12. I ordered fender washers (FW78-1) from oldbuickparts.com. See attached pdf. Did not pay attention to the dimensions and just assumed they would be large outer diameter fender washers like I removed. The old washers I removed were 1.25 OD and 5/16 ID. The parts I received from oldbuick parts are only 7/8 O.D. and they claim to replicate the original used on Buicks from 1936 to 1960 These smaller washers just do not seem to be correct and I question their holding ability with the large slots in the fenders. 1) Is this really the correct fender washers for a 37 Buick? Thanks Mutt Washer, Fende
  13. The trunk photos were a great help. Thanks again. Still hoping to see what bumpers a 37 Roadmaster Hardtop sedan came stock with.
  14. Marty's bumpers are different that mine, but his car is a convertible Phaeton. On my car each door has two bumpers. The pictures at the start of this thread are the bumpers above the latch guide that is centered on the center post of the doors. My car also has the shown bumpers space equally below the latch guide. 1) Does anyone have a 37 four door hardtop sedan Roadmaster that they could send pictures of the bumpers? Thanks
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