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  1. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum, and this is the first Olds I've ever owned. While I know my way around Chevys & Pontiacs of this era, I admittedly know little about Oldsmobiles. This past few weeks I had been on the hunt for a '59 GM driver, and I came across an ad in Hemmings for a 1959 Olds 88 4 dr hardtop for $4000 which was close to my house and advertised as being in excellent condition. I tried several times to contact the seller, and after not hearing back from them, I gave up and kept looking. A week or so later I get a call from an elderly woman who told me the car was still available and had been bought new by her father. She explained that it had been sitting in her garage since the mid '80s. She also told me that she had gotten many calls but didn't want to be bothered with sending photos, and no-one local had yet to come look at it. I went and looked at it that night and as the garage door slowly opens, I see this 59 Olds sitting on four flat tires and covered in dust. It's a 'Super 88' sporting a 394cid engine, 4 bbl, power steering and power brakes. The car has original paint, old clean spare tire, original embossed 'Oldsmobile' rubber floormats, even the four T-3 headlights appear original. The garage floor had been painted twice since the car was parked, and they simply painted around it. I left a deposit, and picked it up the next night. The car is in such remarkable shape, especially for the northeast that I didn't even try talking the woman down, I gladly paid the $4k. I haven't tried starting it just yet, but I'm not expecting any problems once a few precautions are taken. Anyway, just wanted to share my story. It's by far the nicest most original car I've ever owned, and for me this has been a once in a lifetime experience. If I may use this opportunity to ask, what battery can I use that will fit in the original tray? A 24 is too wide. A group 56 & 29NF will fit, but I'm not sure of the cranking amps required for the 394. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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