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  1. OK, this is most likely the same car then. The description seems to be German also. This was one of the very few remaining Kompressor Mercedes in Germany during the early post war years. The car is still on display today in the museum (see my 2nd pic above).
  2. Good question. Anybody? Hoping for some rarely seen examples.
  3. Real car. Late 20ies 710 SS type with Sindelfingen factory tourer body. Its not a one-off body, I think there are probably a handful of them still existing today. Here's the car displayed in the Deutsches Museum, Munich since the 1950ies.
  4. Nice 170V Roadster, when and where was this photo taken?
  5. I do admit that I found the colour scheme stunning that they did in the resto! A real knock out in a positive way. Black or dark blue may be the original colours but it looks very subdued and nowadays black seems to be the new bright red for these cars.
  6. Nice period pic. Where is the car today?
  7. This doesnt look like the armored Spezial Roadster to me, which had a covered spare tire.
  8. Nice! Hopefully some rarely seen cars will be shown.
  9. Any special MBs entered this year @ Pebble Beach? Anyone have some insight?
  10. Obviously it depends on the pre-resto condition, if you want to turn a worn ex Soviet Union car with major components missing into a Pebble Beach class winner, you may need to $800k at a major shop. I dont doubt that. Also, assuming same condition of the car, why would a Special Roadster cost more in a resto than a Cab B? Underneath the body, they are identical and body parts have to be hand made anyway as obviously there are no spares....why would it cost more to hammer a fender for a Roadster than a Cab B?
  11. Remember this is a hand-built automobile, no two of them are 100% identical. Plus many of these cars had a hard life and have been modified and components needed to be recreated or replaced. That doesnt mean the car is necessarily a fake one. As for the price, IMO $650k seems low, but $1.5MM I think is definately too high for a Cab B.
  12. You claim this was a replica, auction house says all original major components. So where is your proof that this is a fake? Auction description says restoration done by major shop in Germany so I strongly assume they have pre-resto pics and verified with Daimler that the components are original. It would also be rare that they try to fake a Cab B instead of a Cab A or a roadster. Again please back up your claim this is a fraud.
  13. I dont see this mentioned in the auction description. You are saying this is a fraud?
  14. Any supercharged MBs coming to auction at Monterrey this year?
  15. Cool car. Do you have a photo how it looks today? I wasnt aware that it had survived.
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