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  1. Here are some great photos of a Longtail 540K Special Roadster in its final design with the covered spare. Probably built in 1938, the photos were apparently taken in Bucharest, Romania just before WW2. Anybody know the S/N and if the car has survived?
  2. How much are they asking? $ 2-3 MM ish ??
  3. This looks really nice. You may get a more desireable body - style than a Cab B for that money, but technical wise this seems in top shape.
  4. Anyone knows what they are asking? What is a realistic price to move this today? $600k ?
  5. This looks like a first version 500K Special Roadster with the chrome trim going all the way around the front fenders.
  6. This is a photo of a 540K Spezial Coupe, but it's RHD, so I guess this is NOT 130944, the car owned by Gen Lyons for many years?! This seems like a picturesque '70ies resto job bright red with white wheels. Anyone know more? Is this a rarely seen 3rd car of this body style?
  7. Here is a period pic and another 2 photos in restored state of the 853 Voll & Ruhrbeck Sport Cabriolet that won PB ~ 10 years ago, owned by Robert Lee.
  8. OK, this is most likely the same car then. The description seems to be German also. This was one of the very few remaining Kompressor Mercedes in Germany during the early post war years. The car is still on display today in the museum (see my 2nd pic above).
  9. Good question. Anybody? Hoping for some rarely seen examples.
  10. Real car. Late 20ies 710 SS type with Sindelfingen factory tourer body. Its not a one-off body, I think there are probably a handful of them still existing today. Here's the car displayed in the Deutsches Museum, Munich since the 1950ies.
  11. Nice 170V Roadster, when and where was this photo taken?
  12. I do admit that I found the colour scheme stunning that they did in the resto! A real knock out in a positive way. Black or dark blue may be the original colours but it looks very subdued and nowadays black seems to be the new bright red for these cars.
  13. Nice period pic. Where is the car today?
  14. This doesnt look like the armored Spezial Roadster to me, which had a covered spare tire.
  15. Nice! Hopefully some rarely seen cars will be shown.
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