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  1. Thanks to all that chimed in, I'm starting to work on engine again and all tips will help.. will post final results to maybe close thread
  2. Sorry, yes its s small copper ring for the pitman, pitman shaft is solid, I was just worried about the rubber seal and leaking but almost all my research (like you said) is a thick fluid type grease that flows but doesnt leak.. (new to all this, Im an IT guy) I have the original manuals etc, shop and parts book... appreciate the feedback, and Penrite was on my list... like 800/900 or even 1200 weight "semi-fluid grease"... Cornhead Grease, poly urea based NLGI 0EP grease... ill look back to the manual and post my results, not to keep on this topic :) but very appreciative
  3. Thanks for all the tips in this thread.. I too tried to research this heavily.. my 1937 steering box with a pitman arm, has a loose copper seal.. just a small gear like operation so I dont think fluid is used...and when restoring this section, the grease (history if it was ever changed etc not known) looked like grey peanut butter with mica in it.. and now ready to refill her but with..???.... appreciate all the pointers..
  4. Wicked idea.. never even thought of that route, bending and installing my own gas and brakes, etc.. thanks, appreciated
  5. Hello Enthusiasts.. As my project is resuming, ready to hibernate in the garage and continue the restoration.. I saw some car lovers use braided stainless steel hydraulic lines for the oil.. I liked the idea of this, Any thoughts good or bad on if these are good to use? I have a GM 1948 Straight 6 235 ...
  6. Thanks, yep.. I think it might be a Texaco Oil Pump.. or known as a lubester pump.. kinda cool.. dr. Google says used for a lot of applications.. mostly for motor oil..
  7. Acquired this unique pump (gas, oil?).. era is apx 1935 to 45? Could be 50's? It's working with pressure... What is it? Used for?
  8. Hello, I have decided that my car will be converted to a 12v system, all new wires as I have the car fully accessible.. Seen some great videos on building a fuse block with relays, terminals and boards on ABS plastic.. weatherproof etc.. But often wondered.. I have seen both ways done in antique cars.. some have in engine bay, others wire them in under the dash.. some do both as a split.. What would you recommend? All I'm running is lights, heater, dash gauges, small indicator lights wipers horns and maybe in the future the original radio.. Thanks
  9. Thanks, that's a great idea, never thought of that.. Will post results when done
  10. Hello, Unsure exactly what they are called, I have 3 coat hooks with a fabric hand strap part.. looking to replace the Leather / Canvas part.. any options? The ring is 1" outside diameter, apx 4 mil thick.. Can someone make a set of 3? Thanks in advance..
  11. Hello Everyone, its been a while since I have been on the forums... now resuming my restoration project after moving to a new home; getting my Garagemahal ready with lights, power, insulated walls and heater etc.. im ready to get back at her.. Attached is a picture from my cars manual (original manuals), and I have all the instructions on how to convert everything from 6V to 12V.. but "some" of the parts, I dont know what they are called - Im am new to all this and so far anytime I am stuck; this AMAZING forum and the members lend a hand.. learning really fast!! I "think" this is a Fuse Box, or circuit board? I have something like this in one of my storage boxes, but unsure of its history, age, etc.. so I wish to just install new (doesnt have to be same era, but could be).. also I think I need a Voltage regular? Im going to using an alternator.. so i have that covered need an instrument lighting switch panel? Horn relay? Stop Light connector? I have all the wiring ready to go.. found the tail light socket connectors at Rock Auto.. and i have my dome, front lights, all ready done.. Once the body is done, Ill be wiring her up.. thanking you all in advance for the help..
  12. Members, lm trying to find a paint code or mix formula for a "close to" match to the famous Tiffany Blue. I have many samples, any actual Tiffany boxes that was taken to a custom repair shop to try and colour match, the scans come up, but the system can't make the formula.. I even tried to get a home paint store to scan, they could but the box formula is for house paint.. i emailed Lamborghini to see if they could help... some codes are close, but I was wondering if someone would have their code / mix formula to share, so I can get a spray can made to test.. pics are are some of the research I have been doing.. Good afternoon Mr. Schouwstra, Thank you for reaching out to Automobili Lamborghini and for your interest in our color lineup. The closest color we could find to match “Tiffany Blue” was our color Blu Glauco paint code LAMBOR-0123. I hope this was helpful. Thank you and have a great day. Best regards, Roland Customer Care America Automobili Lamborghini America LLC. 2003 Edmund Halley Dr, Reston, VA 20191 customercareamerica@lamborghini.com www.lamborghini.com
  13. Yes, they are sealed units, with built in led turn, I think the model of them at 900IT, I still have the glass originals, but wanted to try and make a testing bench for all my lights.. With a switch to simulate high, low and flasher.. This way I can see how they will look before actual install, i saw some videos on some neat setups, a small battery then a small 2x4 with a few toggles, one for on, high and turn.. Just need to find how to make it and wire it all up.
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