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  1. Hello, Thank you for making it clear what to look for. The car is out in the parking lot at work and I am headed out to see what I have, kind of hoping it is a 322. Thank you for you r time and your help. Take Care Ron
  2. How do I determine if I have a 264 or a 322 engine? Take Care Ron
  3. Hello I have a 1955 Buuick special 46R, The enginer serial number stamped on the left side is 1166349-9, can anyone tell me what motor this is? I believe the dash means the engine is .010 OS from the factory, but that is all I know. Thanks for your help Take Care Ron
  4. I believe I saw a gas tank for sale on ebay yesterday, not sure of the model Buick it was for, but I think it was a 62 Buick. Take Care Ron
  5. Hello, I am not sure what piece you mean. By the left side do you mean the drivers side? Can you take a pic of the area on your rig and send it t me. my email address is bunniesrock54@frontier.com I still have alot of the chrome left. Take Care Ron
  6. Hello Lamar, I am very glad the seats arrived in good condition and that they are going to work for you. If you happen to run across the front kick panels for a 55 buick special, I would be interested. Have a great weekend. Take Care Ron
  7. Hello, Can you send me an email so I can reply with the steering wheel pics? I tried to send them last night but the email did not go through. Take care Ron
  8. Hello, my email address is bunniesrock54@frontier.com, my cell phone# is 971 219 8847 take care Ron
  9. I tried to upload the steering wheel pictures here and it will not work, please provide an email account for me to send the pics too. I will try to zip them and attach them here but so far not working
  10. my phone is 971 219 8847, the steering wheel is complete with horn and pad. I am asking $75 for it. It is in good original shape. send me an email address and I will send you some pictures. I checked on line and what I am asking seems to be fair. Take Care Ron
  11. Hello, The steering wheel is red, I do not have the heater control valve, I must have left it on the car when it was taken away. The steering wheel is in good shape. Take Care Ron bunniesrock54@frontier.com
  12. My car has the dynaflow 2 speed automatic tranny. I do have a good original condition steering wheel. The rear end and steering gear box are gone. my email address is bunniesrock54@frontier.com Take Care Ron
  13. Hello; Well, I am sorry to say that the unibody on my car is too far gone to restore, but your good fortune is that I now have a complete convertible of parts for sale, this car has the 215 all AL 4 bbl V8 engine and the dynaflow two sped trans. I think the only parts I do not have from this car are the exhaust pipes, the rear end, the gas tank, and the steering gear box, and the four wheel cylinders, at this point all other parts are waiting for a new home. So you know, I am located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Take Care Ron
  14. Hello, I own a 1955 Buick Special 2 door hardtop car. The exterior has been completed, painted, no rust at all. Some chrome still needs to be installed around the windows ect. The interior needs to be completed. I drive this car weekly. Just installed electric windshield wiper motor, new master cylinder. I have found a 1962 Buiuck skylark convertible that is for sale for $6750, it has a new paint job, but when I looked at it, the starter was out so it didn't start, also the top didn't go up due to assistance required. This car has electric windows. I currently have a 62 skylark convertible, bu
  15. Hello Will, Yes both of these hoods are complete, they have the hinges, the Buick letters and the chrome piece along the front edge of the hood. One is white and one is red, I don't think either one has any dents. I will send pictures this weekend when I go to where the car is stored. Where do you live, I am in Oregon. Take Care Ron
  16. Hello Will, I have two hoods, one white one and one red one, both are complete with the chrome, buuick letters and the hinges. I am located in Hillsboro Oregon. Send me an email address and I will go take pictures of the two hoods this Saturday. I need to get back to yo on the price, but it will be fair. email address is bunniesrock54@frontier.com Take Care Ron
  17. Hello,, I have a complete 1962 Buick Skylark convertible for parts. The uni body is shot, but many other parts are good, the chrome, seats, engine 215 all AL v8 4bbl dual exhaust, steering gear box, fuel lines, brake lines, master cylinder, complete original dash pad, bucket seats, steering wheel and many other parts, this was an everyday driver until I started the rust restoration and found out how bad it is. The heater core is great and I have a new four core radiator as well. Let me know if you need something. Take Care Ron May
  18. Hello, My thoughts are with the majority, restore as you have said you are going to do. I live in Portland Oregon and there is a great shop here called old car parts 503 771 9416. Talk to Jason, Joe JR or Joe senior, the owner. They have alot of Buick parts and know about locations that many of us didn't know about. They have helped me with my 55 Buick special and my 62 Buick Skylark convertible. I hope this provides you with another avenue for parts. Take Care Ron May
  19. Hello, My name is Ron and I live in Hillsboro Oregon. I have a 1962 Buick skylark convertible. I drove this car for the last five years and last year decided to take it apart to fix the rust on the car. Once I got into the car I found the rust to be extensive and by suggestion of folks that have restored many cars, they suggested either finding a rolling chassis for my parts to bolted on or sell off my car for parts. I also own a 1955 Buick special 2 door hard top, so I have decided to sell my 62 for parts, this is a complete 1962 Bucik sjylark with all parts. It currently has the 215 all al
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